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Cute aegyo Seunggi in new Pizza Hut cf

Pizza Hut released Behind-the-Scenes photos of Seunggi on the set of his new CF a few days ago and it got a lot of netizen interest because the cute aegyo Seunggi photos were from the CF and the serious chic Seunggi photos were during off camera moments.  here’s the new CF… would’ve loved it if they made a serious chic Seunggi version too!  Go under the cut to also see the CF making video.


(cr: leeseunggi01)

Per my previous video post about top stars endorsing pizza, it seems to be a highly sought after contract (more so than the chicken cfs) because there are far less pizza companies in korea (pizza hut, dominos, mr. pizza).  omg, it seems so funny to be writing about chicken and pizza being coveted endorsements from a western/American standpoint! LOL. Current Pizza Hut model SeungGi took over for Rain; Current Dominos model SNSD replaced Han Ye Seul; and current Mr. Pizza model Yoo Seung Ho replaced cf model Moon Geun Young.

Here’s SNSD’s recent Dominos CF, their first one for the company:

(cr: Mllkteaz03)

As much as I like the SNSD girls, selling dominos seems less important than showcasing their cute dancing!  A good cf is supposed to have a clear indication of what is being sold to the viewer… but I guess with SNSD it doesn’t really matter what they’re selling! LOL.  Also, noticed that their outfits really resemble After School’s last song…

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