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Zipel SeungGi in all white, photospam

Zipel CF and AD photos of SeungGi in all white continue to get much love!  Also, the first Massimo Zucchi ad was a hit and translated into great sales of the blinged out fridge.  And it looks like Samsung is banking on this summer concept to continue high sales, which according to news accounts have been the case. Samsung sure is putting a lot of money into Zipel… we know the fridge ain’t cheap and they’re paying for the rights of classic songs to be used in their CFs like Fly me to the Moon in the first cf and L.O.V.E. in the second one!  Totally loving these amazing super creative layouts from this blogger…

(cr: Naver Blog – click on blog link to see more creative stuff!)

And a collection of cropped shots from a fan…

(cr: 미인승기@DClsg, Naverblog)

And if you can’t get enough, more individual shots…

(cr: DClsg)

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3 Responses

  1. OMG!!! *faints

  2. there are many cfs of Sgi that i love, including both from zipel, pizza hut, just so many, i cant remember them now but this all-white-Lsgi has definitely the best looking Lsgi among all of them!

  3. i so love it! he looks too good in white! seunggi-shi neomu neomu neomu joh-a ♥

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