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Impressive Sindoh performance lineup & fancams

Ok, now that I’ve had some time to sleep and chill out, I can write this post without freaking out at Captain Hook!  Just so people don’t misunderstand, I don’t despise her, I just find her management style and approach very frustrating and a bit outdated!  As I wrote in the Sindoh event photos post, I’m sure Seunggi loves performing on stage, but also hope he has time to rest and sleep despite his super crazy schedule.  Anyway, looks like SeungGi wasn’t the only one performing that night…

After Seunggi’s performance, his close sunbae and  writer/composer of his debut song Because You’re My Woman came out, the beloved and highly sought after performer Psy.  Hope he and SeungGi had a chance to catch up. Loved seeing them together on Strong Heart!

And much loved and respected Insooni performed last.  I only found out who she was after she appeared on Strong Heart when 2ne1 was on.  But my mom told me that people really admire her because she had to go through a lot, especially because she was of mixed race (Korean and Black), but that she was able to succeed and recently, she held a concert at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Insooni~ Fighting!!

Photos are from this naver blog. She said that she went to the fancy company event with her husband and she wrote this about Seunggi:

Very popular and jjang Lee Seung Gi. Also humble, had great stage presence, and was thoughtful and caring… the qualities of a popular star.

And here are some fancams from the event…

According to fan account from earlier post, after singing his first song, Seunggi told them he was totally surprised when they started rushing the stage and told them to scoot back for safety reasons. And in this video you can see him telling the people to move back while he was singing! omg, they can’t help but to love him but poor SeungGi having to deal with crowd control while singing… where’s the security?

And live version of Smile Boy. You can totally hear the guys cheering for SeungGi and singing along in the background! Just love how the guys say that they put up with SeungGi because of their wives/girlfriends, but we all know they really admire him too!  And love how SeungGi’s having such a great time. btw, this fan who uploaded this video (Dimple); she was the one who was able to sneak into the event. She posted on DClsg that she was really scared she’d get caught but managed to mix in with the others there! ha ha ha. (audio is off by a bit)

None of these are great vid quality but you get the point. Wah, seeing videos of him performing really makes me smile and makes me totally anticipate his Gumiho OST tracks!  omg, the guys rooting for SeungGi along with the girls in the background of the vid are just too cute, yelling out Lee Seung Gi is good looking, Lee Seung Gi is cool, Lee Seung Gi is jjang!  we agree! :) 

(video credits: leeseunggi01; As labeled)

See LSG perf photos: Why is crazy-busy SeungGi doing performances?

One Response

  1. wow, love the videos ann! thanks!
    i hope more vids will surface soon. yeah i agree with u. these just make me more cant wait for his coming osts

    i totally love the guys cheering & singing along with Sgi!
    they’re jjang!!
    and i think he was directing for the girls who were actually already ON the stage to move down and yeah, can see he was telling them to move back too. such a sweetheart always so thoughtful. how can people not love him!

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