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Gumiho BTS photos & fan account @JoongAng U.

I hope they’ll be able to wrap up some of the on-site filming outdoors soon and get to film more indoors where there’s air conditioning!  Heard the summers in Korean are heinous and DaeWoong seems to be dressed in fall fashion attire!  Plus, filming in front of college fangirls and fanboys is probably not that easy either…

I am sooooo curious to know the vibe between the two!  Once the drama gets set to premiere, expect to see regular highlights and interviews on the daily SBS morning shows and weekly SBS entertainment shows… can’t wait!  They did that with Brilliant Legacy and will probably devote equal if not more air time to My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!

Fan account from filming onsite at JoongAng University….

I saw SeungGi in a superman t-shirt at my school. ke ke.

Shin MinAh was there too but all the students were crazed over Lee SeungGi. They were screaming out saying how his face is so small, that he’s very tall and very slim. They were teasing him about his t-shirt… ke ke. And maybe for that reason(!), for the scene inside the library, they had him switch t-shirts. ke ke.

On his way to the library, he sees SMA across the street and quickly pulls out his mobile phone saying “Uh uh uh” and quickly dashes away from her toward the library. ke ke.

Inside the library, he says to SMA: “Only humans are allowed in here. Do you have one of these? (shows his school ID). Do you have a registration number? Do you have a name? You don’t do you?!”

To that, SMA replies to LSG: “It seems like you keep looking down on me/ignoring me because I’m not a human, you better stop looking down on me/ignoring me. ke ke.”

They say LSG is 180+, but he seems taller than that. Anyway, seeing them film in a bright fashion was good to see but due to the filming at our university, it’s been sort of a pain to get around. Anyway, I’m starting to really anticipate this drama. hee hee.

(Eng translation: LSGfan; Fan account post: DClsg)

omg, I can totally imagine this hillarious scene! DaeWoong trying to run away and avoid a stalking MiHo! ha ha ha.

(photo credits: DClsg)

DaeWoong’s t-shirts…

DaeWoong’s superhero t-shirts have already gotten a lot of interest, and looks like a fan is going to track his t-shirt collection at this naver blog.

Official My Girlfriend is a Gumiho blog?

Having a hard time keeping track of all the Gumiho BTS photos and news?  This blog says it’s the official My Girlfriend is a Gumiho blog site, but not really sure how “official” it really is!  But it’s got a bunch of goodies posted!  http://blog.naver.com/bowie18.

3 Responses

  1. Love the fan account! & the scene filmed! totally hilarious n yeah i can totally picture LSGi & SMA acting that. now my anticipation just grow even higher! thx Ann

  2. Wow, i can see one of Haart’s fanmade MGIG poster on that blog LOL!

  3. at first i wonder what MGIG poster that haart had been made was feiy talking about until i finally saw it. The when a man loves a woman album version.. Wonder why haart didn’t made some watermak on it..

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