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Why is crazy-busy SeungGi doing performances?

Well, based on his last tweet, it doesn’t seem like he’s been sleeping much at all!  and that he’s surprised at how highly functional he’s been despite no sleep, even joking that we should try it!  And it looks like Hook has SeungGi doing performances still, even though Gumiho filming has begun!  This type of crazy schedule is really too much.  What is your deal Hook?  These are photos from a company event on Friday…

Account of seeing Lee Seung Gi at our company’s 50th anniversary event
(Posted on DClsg by Lindt; Eng translation: LSGfan)

Coex, 3rd floor, Hall D.  We had finished our dinner and around 7pm, the announcer said that the performances would begin and afterwards, Lee Seung Gi’s name appeared in big letters on the jumbo screen and they showed his photos and then LSG came out. He first sang Because You’re My Woman and people started crowding the stage area. Since it was a company event, there were a lot more men than women at the event…

After finishing his first song, he said that he was taken aback because all of a sudden people had started rushing towards the stage area and that because people can get hurt, to please move down a few steps from the stage, and that if so, he could sing fully without worrying.

He asked what we would like to hear for the second song and all the females yelled out Will you Marry Me!!! And to that he said, okay, I’ll sing that for you next. This was the first time I’ve ever seen the guys get really enthusiastic… all of course all the females were totally excited. ke ke ke. The company president was sitting at a table in the back…

After finishing his second song, he spoke for a bit about what he’s been doing like filming for his drama and other things. He told everyone that he would put himself into our care, getting all the females to scream out.

For his third song, he sang Smile Boy. This was a song that everyone knew really well. Afterwards, people started shouting for an encore and he was about to leave. He sang Let’s go on Vacation for the encore. One of my co-worker sunbae’s got a video of SeungGi high-fiving him during the performance! Also, since it was his 4th song, he was sweating so much by this time but smiling the whole entire time and giving his all… seeing that made me thing how sweet he is.  After seeing him at this event, you could really see what an awesome singer and cool guy he is!

And some of her photos…

Another account from a Seunggi fan who was able to sneak into the event also said there were a lot more guys there (again, makes sense since it’s a company event).  And she said they were all in the front area by the stage taking photos too, saying that they were taking these to show their wives/girlfriends!  LOL. :)

Seunggi probably enjoys singing on stage, but hope he starts getting some serious sleep and rest soon.  Being healthy is the most important thing people!

See fancams: Impressive Sindoh performance lineup & fancams

8 Responses

  1. You are right, being healthy is the most important thing. Hook should seriously take in paramount importance the health of Seung Gi. They should not forget that Health is Wealth. They are overworking him like crazy. He needs enough sleep and rest to rejuvenate his body cells to be in prefect shape.

    Thank you for sharing the LSG update.

  2. Yeah. i complained about this on soompi too.

    Captain Hook is really TOO MUCH!!
    does Seunggi needs to faint out of exhaustion for her to know Seunggi’s limit?!

    making him do performances in the middle of an already scary filming schedule is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!
    now i’m just getting hella mad towards her.
    try tweeting after this saying like how dear Sgi is to her, i’ll bombard her twitter! +_+

    • totally agree! i’m trying really hard not to totally spazz out at her, but i sometimes can’t even bear to read her tweets anymore! it’s like if she writes sweet things about daewoong, that’s supposed to make things all okay with fans?!

      i know lots of fans love hearing her tweets since she writes about what seunggi’s up to, but anytime i see a tweet from her, i just want to say please shut up! but for the sake of seunggi, i’ve decided to just not read her tweets regularly so i don’t get totally pissed off.

      omg, i love your nickname for her — Captain Hook! ha ha ha. i’m totally going to refer to her as that now!

      • omg totally agree w/ u.. I can’t stand captain hook doing tweet anymore.. esp. when she writes about drama that should be kept within herself!! I was really pissed about sth that she wrote on the other day… and it doesn’t make good image for seunggi..

        instead of doing tweet, she should be considering what is best for seunggi and his fans!

      • LOL i didnt create that name, i just quote what Captain Hook herself & Lsgi refer to her in their previous tweets. at that time, i never take her tweets that seriously including what she called herself as, honestly i did feel like throwing up sometimes reading them but for more insde stories of Sgi, i enjoyed them at face value. but now, the name just fits her perfectly! i think i’m going to write complaints at her twitter once i cool down a lil. i dont want to blame her completely, Sgi himself could have been in the decision making, thinking he’s still able to take more task, boy just cant stay still, but as a management comp they should control him & decide whats best for him especially with her sounding like how she care about Sgi so much in her tweets. i even start to doubt if those r sincere now.. ok, enuff rant =P

  3. oh, and i notice too. how there were a lot of guys among the standing crowd in front of the stage. Seunggi’s charm just doesnt know boundaries! we know he has a lot of male fans from the polls before. now, i think apart from them doing this for their girlfriends’ sake, they do admire seunggi i’m sure ^^

  4. ok, after thinking about it, aside from just being generally not very wowed by Captain Hook’s management stye… i think what’s really bothering me about her tweets is that she needs to decide whether she’s going to tweet about SeungGi or DaeWoong.

    I don’t think she’s ever once referred to “SeungGi” in her tweets but always refers to “DaeWoong” — but she’s always tweeting about SeungGi the person. And though maybe not a big deal for most ppl, but for me it just feels totally inconsistent, doesn’t make much sense and comes off a bit manufactured.

    like if you’re going to be tweeting about SeungGi the person, then refer to him as SeungGi and call him SeungGi! If you want to use DaeWoong’s name, then tweet about DaeWoong the character.

    to me, this is just another example of Captain Hook not understanding how to play in the big leagues and actually doing PR and promoting Seunggi in an effective way. ok, last rant for a while… i really promise. i’ve unfollowed her on twitter for the sake of everyone involved! :)

    Seunggi! Fighting! My Girlfriend is a Gumiho~ Fighting!

  5. Oh I have never followed her on twitter. Just read those tweet posted by tryp at soompi.
    Sometimes I feel she reveals too much. Like Seung Gi is sleeping now etc. Sounds like she has a tracer implanted in Seung Gi.

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