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Xman reunion at recent Strong Heart filming: Seunggi-Chayeon (Michelle Wie please come on!)

(photo cr: crunchyroll)

Did not see this coming… an x-man reunion of SeungGi and ChaeYeon, along with HoDong on next next week’s Strong Heart?  According to Soompi-ChaeYeon, she was scheduled for a Strong Heart filming on July 8th.  (somehow a SeungGi search landed me in a soompi thread for Chaeyeon for the scoop! LOL.)  Agh, hope HoDong didn’t tease SeungGi too much!  Funny, I didn’t even know about SeungGi during his xman days so I don’t really get people’s obsession with SeungGi-Chaeyon.  Nothing against ChaeYeon but would rather see this other xman reunion on Strong Heart…

Love Michelle Wie and love her even more for choosing SeungGi on xman when she was on a few years ago… funny, I saw that ep online when it came out back then but totally don’t remember anything about a guy named Lee Seung Gi!! :(

5 Responses

  1. omooo…the return of GI-YEON couple!!
    this Noona-Dongsaeng couple had so many shipper back then..
    really looking forward this lovely reunion on Strong Heart ^^

  2. yeah GI-YEON!!!!! =D

    after BL i watched everything i could find about Lsgi on youtube and i was totally falling over this couple on xman.
    so yeah, bring them back!

  3. lol…and now LSG is at the top of your favorite list huh…I guess LSG is a late bloomer…I love xman love line and also lsg-chaeyeon…

  4. i read a fan account.. Ho dong teased seung gi and hit each other? ^^ haha


  5. I miss gi-yeon couple! I watched most of their parts especially their OF-COURSE portion during the XMAN days and also LOVELETTER.

    Between Chaeyeon and Michelle Wie, I would definitely go for Chaeyeon, lol.

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