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3 Responses

  1. Thank you for the translation. :) Ann

    I put up SH cut with Sub on my DM (Part 3-6)

    And I will delete vid w/o sub later.
    But if you want to keep vid w/o sub, just let me know then I won’t delete them.

    Have Fun :)

    • these subbed videos are really great for the fans! your timing’s really good rapport! you should really think about learning korean or taking classes… I think you’d pick it up quickly! :)

      didn’t see the eng-subbed version of the LSG dance story. I’ll replace that one too once you’ve uploaded.

  2. Thank you ann

    I really do want to learn Korean but every time I open the book, I feel so sleepy…kiki too lazy :)

    Oh and for LSG dance video need more time to sub (too long) haha ^^

    Should be up soon still working on it.
    [LSG really make us busy ………^^]

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