Gumiho PD tweets about SeungGi’s wire scene


PD’s tweet: Currently filming My Girlfriend is a Gumiho at JoongAng University! SeungGi sshi’s awesome wire action. Even though it was a hard scene of rotating 360 degrees in mid-air, it was accomplished perfectly by SeungGi sshi!  Even though he was covered in sweat, he looked very cool!  This photo is a picture of the wire that SeungGi sshi used! ^^

PD’s tweet: Slightly revealing the set for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho~!  Hope you all will greatly anticipate the events that are to take place here~!^

DaeWoong & MiHo on campus, Gumiho BTS photos

(fanart cr: haart@soompiLSG)

Hope we get to see BTS photos of a smiling MinAh that we’ve become accustomed to seeing in her CFs and ads.  Granted, we haven’t see any real smiling BTS photos of SeungGi either.  Most of the BTS photos of DaeWoong and MiHo have been chance photos captured by fans, so looking forward to seeing the SBS production BTS photos in the coming weeks.  But looks like we finally get to see a laughing DaeWoong…