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Tweet: ChaDaeWoong is on the attack!

(fanart: DClsg)

Cha Dae Woong’s tweet, July 3, Saturday:

ひさしぶり오늘대웅이출격!외박하고들어와서 바로가려니왠지설레임,,과연차대웅의한계는어디까지??ㅋ이정돈약해,,ㅋ앞으로펼쳐지질더무시무시한날들을위해 가벼운발걸음으로 촬영장고고씽!

Today DaeWoong is on the attack! Having to head out immediately after returning from spending the night out, for some reason my heart is leaping, indeed, what is Cha Dae Woong’s limit?? keke. This amount is weak. keke. For the sake of those terribly long unfolding days, heading to filming with light feet! Go Go!

Looks like Seunggi’s grueling schedule has officially started!  He had just returned from 1n2d and was heading to Gumiho filming. :( I think most people forget…

that most actors, when filming a drama, that’s pretty much the only thing they are doing, that is in addition to CF filmings for many.  Last year during Brilliant Legacy, SeungGi also filmed 1n2d every other weekend… and it involves practically 24/7 filming all day Friday, Friday night, and up through Saturday afternoon, in addition to the all the physical activities they have to do for the show! And had put out his digital single, Will you Marry Me around the same time! This year, nothing has changed except that now in addition to his last year’s drama filming + 1n2d filming + putting out songs + CF filming… add Strong Heart filming to that! omg, it’s totally exhuasting just thinking about it!

And sometimes I feel bad that he has to maintain this twitter on top of it because anyone who’s done this type of thing or blogging knows the repsonsibility and pressure that comes with maintaining this kind of stuff… and honestly after a long freaking crazy day, the last thing you want to do is tweet or blog! 

People get used to Seunggi doing a gazillion things and his crazy schedule and sometimes forget just how super tiring and super-human it really is!  I mean seriously, and to do this all with a smile and great attitude!  Seunggi, you really are one of a kind!  Seunggi~ Fighting!!!  My Girlfriend is a Gumiho~ Fighting!!

4 Responses

  1. thanks for translating..^^
    is he only filming drama on Sunday – tuesday?

  2. ahhhh geez, it must be super tiring days for seunggi…hope he’s always stay healthy for doing all that and deserve the best result for his hard work^^.

  3. and he has school to attend? or is it holiday now?

    gosh… i wonder how his body could take it……

    but i believe he knows when to shout for help when he really can’t take it anymore…

    Fighting, Seung Gi!!!

  4. is my MGIM homepage working??
    how come i can’t click in their writing?

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