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BTS photos from Zipel summer L.O.V.E. cf

(photo credits: DClsg)

Behind-the-Scenes photos from just released Zipel Massimo Zucchi summer CF, L.O.V.E.  version.  3 things I can’t help but to notice… 1) the scar on right elbow; seen it before and curious to know what that’s from!  2) the watch; loves it! Want to know the make!  3) Seunggi in a crisp button down shirt… again!  Would it be too much to ask that SeungGi be dressed in something else for his next cf? pretty please?! :)

Actually, would’ve loved to see him doing the CF in this outfit… :)

Two classic Seunggi poses:  Arm on the hip…

And sticking out his tongue… :)

Also see Naver Zipel page updated with breezy new summer ad version…

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6 Responses

  1. ive seen that scar in other photos too and wondered what it was from! don’t remember really seeing it long time ago. and luv seunggi in white!

  2. yeaaah, look at his high quality photo from KB CF smile boy… i think the scar is still new in that photo…

  3. As I remember
    First I saw that scare on his elbow was when LSG attended Samsung Suwon Bluewings Pics back in 05 May


    • me too rapport2010, i’ve first noticed that scar too at Samsung Suwon Bluewings Pictures wi Leetuk. at first i was hesitant to post that photo on 1n2d int’l forum co’z that scar is so visible, wonder too where did he got it..

  4. I’ve kinda wondered how he got that scar too..
    anyways, that is a gorgeous watch and although Seung Gi usually seems to wear button downs in his CFs, there is no denying that he carries off the look so.darn.well.. and 또 또! Always sticking his tongue out ahaha

  5. he’s very handsome, honestly..
    but i still miss him…T_T
    i’m sorry to get angry yesterday..

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