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A lounging SeungGi, more BTS Zipel summer photos

(photo credits: Naver cafe; ixory@soompiLSG)

Zipel is really taking the concept of summer love seriously!  First it was a breezy SeungGi singing Natalie Cole’s L.O.V.E. so smoothly and in perfect English in the new zipel summer CF.  Then there were BTS photos from the CF filming, and now looks like the some BTS photos from the fashion shoot.  Look at SeungGi lounging by the pool like he’s in the Hamptons at P.Diddy’s annual white party!  wait, I could never see SeungGi attending something like that on his own! ha ha ha!  That’s why we like him even more b/c we would so totally have to drag him to something like that…

The background looks so dreamy… but looks to be totally green screen!

More photos with the fridge… b/c you have to sell the product too…

Seunggi always seems so involved in talks with the PD in all his CFs!  actually with all his dramas and variety shows too, supposedly, he’s like that too… ah, such a perfectionist! Similar to a lot of his fans!!! :)

See more photos at the Naver cafe blog HERE, HERE, and HERE.

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One Response

  1. *Perfectionist* , lol, sure Ann, Seunggi is a perfectionist…
    I’m very detail-oriented myself

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