A lounging SeungGi, more BTS Zipel summer photos

(photo credits: Naver cafe; ixory@soompiLSG)

Zipel is really taking the concept of summer love seriously!  First it was a breezy SeungGi singing Natalie Cole’s L.O.V.E. so smoothly and in perfect English in the new zipel summer CF.  Then there were BTS photos from the CF filming, and now looks like the some BTS photos from the fashion shoot.  Look at SeungGi lounging by the pool like he’s in the Hamptons at P.Diddy’s annual white party!  wait, I could never see SeungGi attending something like that on his own! ha ha ha!  That’s why we like him even more b/c we would so totally have to drag him to something like that…

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Tweet: ChaDaeWoong is on the attack!

(fanart: DClsg)

Cha Dae Woong’s tweet, July 3, Saturday:

ひさしぶり오늘대웅이출격!외박하고들어와서 바로가려니왠지설레임,,과연차대웅의한계는어디까지??ㅋ이정돈약해,,ㅋ앞으로펼쳐지질더무시무시한날들을위해 가벼운발걸음으로 촬영장고고씽!

Today DaeWoong is on the attack! Having to head out immediately after returning from spending the night out, for some reason my heart is leaping, indeed, what is Cha Dae Woong’s limit?? keke. This amount is weak. keke. For the sake of those terribly long unfolding days, heading to filming with light feet! Go Go!

Looks like Seunggi’s grueling schedule has officially started!  He had just returned from 1n2d and was heading to Gumiho filming. :( I think most people forget…


BTS photos from Zipel summer L.O.V.E. cf

(photo credits: DClsg)

Behind-the-Scenes photos from just released Zipel Massimo Zucchi summer CF, L.O.V.E.  version.  3 things I can’t help but to notice… 1) the scar on right elbow; seen it before and curious to know what that’s from!  2) the watch; loves it! Want to know the make!  3) Seunggi in a crisp button down shirt… again!  Would it be too much to ask that SeungGi be dressed in something else for his next cf? pretty please?! :)


Fanmade MVs, SeungGi drama and variety cuts

Last year, I loved how they mentioned Brilliant Legacy on 1n2d and Seunggi freaked out when he had to do that mission in a wig, insisting that was the week of a mellow scene on BL!  And when Mong put the wig on Seunggi, he said think of this as the Brilliant Wig!  And since My Girlfriend is a Gumiho may be more light-hearted than BL, looking forward to some fun related moments on 1n2d! 

We’ve just hit July, so one more month before My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and the much anticipated OST track songs.  For those missing Lee Seung Gi the singer, here are some fanmade MVs set to his songs, including his most recent official MV…

Let’s Break Up, official MV

(cr: TwirlyBox)