BTS photos (Mong’s military service investigation), 7.2.10

(photo credits: DClsg)

BTS photos from this weekend’s 1n2d filming.  Supposedly the guys had stopped by a school dressed up in these animal outfits! I thought Seunggi is usually in the tiger outfit for 1n2d events but looks like he’s something else this time… omg, hope they didn’t make the guys do anything too crazy…


Goodbye to Edwin fashion! Seunggi CF video spam

Somehow today ended up being endorsement news day at LSGfan!  July is a time when mid-year endorsements come to an end and per DClsg, it looks like Seunggi’s contract with Edwin may be over soon; Boys over Flowers Kim Bum is set to be the new CF model.  Some fans are now saying they weren’t really into the clothes but bought it because of Seunggi!  kekeke.  Probably some bad feelings still leftover from that crazy cancelled fan signing that Edwin totally screwed up?!  Have to admit, I mainly liked the fall/winter fashion for the most part!  So does this mean we’ll see Seunggi with a new clothing company??!!!

Behind-the-Scenes Edwin fashion shoot retrospective, 2008-2010
(All videos: leeseunggi01)

2008, Photoshoot 1
I think this first shoot was like my fave fashion shot!

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Perioe CF makes us want to brush our teeth more!

Loved the adorable BTS video of the Perioe cf a while back and now the tv cf is out, and as expected, it is just too cute for words!  It feels really similar to the incredibly touching and sweet Lotto Commission cf!  Looks like Perioe took a page straight from the Lotto! Read English translation below clip…

(video: AirenVideo/Tryp96)

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