Meaning behind Cha Dae Woong’s twitter avatar?

(cr: sbschadaewoong twitter)

I really liked ChaDaeWoong’s first twitter avatar… I’m not really feeling this whole unicorn-moon imagery.  I’m sure CDW will reveal the meaning soon since it’s probably related to the drama… I hope it wasn’t a personal choice! :)

Hmm, are we going to see a CGI’d unicorn in the opening episodes of the drama?  Maybe when DaeWoong mistakedly unleashes the nine-tailed fox?!  But still, a unicorn?!  Seems a bit far-fetched but who knows with the Hong Sisters, right???

Sneak peek at some bite-size Gumiho teaser photos

(cr: tryp96 @twitter;

Bite-size photos uncovered by Chinese Airens! They are so quick and resourceful!
omg, I have a feeling the PDs are going to make maximum use of SeungGi’s talent of priceless expressions! They just started filming and we still have more than a month before premiere and yet so much anticipation already building up!!!! Cha Dae Woong, can’t wait to see you in August!

Thanks for making us proud DaeGuk Warriors!

Final Score: Korea (1) – Uruguay (2)

Congrats to South Korean team for playing hard and making us proud! Coming into the World Cup ranked 47, the South Korean team showed heart and determination against 16th ranked Uruguay!  And also congrats to soccer player and SeungGi fan, Lee Chung Yong for scoring the 1 Korean goal in the game, his second during the world cup!  Dae Han Min Guk ~~ Fighting!!! :)

Seunggi’s Tweet congratulating the soccer team and all of Korea:
Dae Han Min Guk, for showing us a noble/worthy performance and fighting spirit.. Even though we lost in the end, for allowing us to clap without end… Daeguk Warriors you are all awesome and lovable..^^ Once again, applause to all the athletes who gave their all..!!!! DaeGuk Warriors Fighting! Dae Han Min Guk Fighting..^