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Postcards from Tokyo fan meeting [photos, videos]

Fans at the recent Tokyo fan meeting got a pack of these photo postcards of SeungGi.  These came out a while back but I’ve been hesitant to post them because aside from like two super stylish GQ-esque outfits and shots, some of the concept photos of Seunggi had me a bit squeamish! ha ha ha… But since Seunggi’s fans heart him no matter what (mainly because we know he can’t help what his management and cody decide!), I will post them all.  So for non-hardcore SeungGi fans, please be understanding… :)

Love this look… mile high teased up hair works perfectly with the whole outfit of loosened tie and casual structured jacket!  Looks like he’s ready to walk the runway…

Love the dark denim and simple James Dean shirt… but would’ve been better with above teased up hair then the side-teased hair.  plus, Hairstylist, please don’t hang that patch of hair awkwardly on Seunggi’s forehead again, and remember to style/gel with the rest of the hair please…

ok, I am really trying my best not to be a total fashion snob towards his cody and hairstylist but they are really pushing me to the limit!  :)  this is where I start to get a bit squeamish… not so bad here, even though the whole lollipop and jumper suit thing is such a weird combo…

but what the heck is this about?  omg, only because I know Seunggi’s fans are loyal no matter what, I’m posting these! :)  i’m at a loss for words…

And last but not least… outfit is perfect but omg what is the hairstylist thinking? I think she may have been going for like an old school, retro, tough James Dean-ish type look but the slicked back hair flat on the head is so totally a no no.  Slicked back hair that’s teased up with volume = better!

(photo cr: DClsg)

But thankfully these were only the postcard photos and the two first shots totally more than make up for the other squeamish ones! LOL.

As for fancams, seems they were super strict at the Japan fan meeting about videotaping so there were practically no fancams, except…

Unfinished Story
Aw, nothing beats hearing Seunggi sing ballads live.

SMAP’s The Only Flower in the World (in Japanese, audio only)
Knowing SeungGi, he’ll probably learn songs in other languages too.

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  1. his stylist are really dun’t know how to make him look good..
    but still his face is cute=))

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