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Gumiho BTS photo tweets and first fan account

*** UPDATED with more BTS photos ***

(cr: nate; DClsg)

I already posted about SeungG’s ducati tweet in which we only got to see Cha Dae Woong from shoulder down, but recently a full view of CDW actually riding his bike to fetch meat for “uri MiHo sshi” surfaced online, as well as more BTS photo tweets…

(cr: CDW twitter)

Tweet:  Somewhere in Jeolla Do… Today’s weather is just right… ㅋ There is not a single cloud, blue sky and cool wind bring a happy mood… ^^ This camera is being used for the very first time in our country. Panasonic 3700. Hollywood usually films with this… Then, is Cha DaeWoong a Hollywood actor? ㅋ Just kidding… Sorry ㅋ

Ha ha ha ha.  So like SeungGi to apologize after making a statement that may sound arrogant even if it’s the dream of Cha Dae Woong to make it as an action hero probably in hollywood!  btw, can you guys spot Seunggi in the above pic?!  Why do they keep shielding his face???!!!  And curious to know who’s taking these photos that Seunggi is uploading to twitter b/c obviously he didn’t take this photo!

(cr: CDW twitter)

Tweet:  While I was tweeting, the Lighting Director asked very charismatically, “have you eaten?” I replied no, he then gave me this steamed bun… The successful people must have eaten a steamed bun soaked with tears once in their life… I’m eating it right now ㅠㅠ

Um, why hasn’t Seunggi eaten?!  What are his managers doing?  Please feed our guy regularly… he already is starved regularly on 1n2d!!!  Hook’s Rep Gwon, you monitor him like crazy… could you please at least make sure that he is well fed??!!!

(Tweet translations cr: baidu tieba; tryp96 @soompi)

And our first look at DaeWoong and MiHo filming together… You can spot SeungGi pretty easily, but didn’t realize that Shin MinAh was in the photo too…  Looks like DaeWoong ends up having to give his checkered oxford to Miho…

(cr: SBS staffer twitter)

If you still can’t really spot MinAh or see Seunggi clearly, check out a mega enlarged version posted at DClsg… those DClsg fans, and well Korean netizens in general(!) never fail to investigate every detail in photos! ha ha ha.

And a more close-up picture of Miho in DaeWoong’s checked shirt…

(cr: DCsma; DClsg)

I’ve noticed that Shin MinAh often tends to look older than her real age (26)… often the case with actors and actresses.  But I’m hoping that they give her a younger look in the drama.  With Han Hyo Joo (23) in Brilliant Legacy and Shin Ji Soo (25) in Famous Princesses – even though similar in age to SMA, HHJ and SJS looked a lot younger and also played characters younger than SeungGi.  Hope to see more of a peer relationship between DaeWoong and MiHo and less a noona type thing.

And we have our first fan account from MGIG filming…
(Eng translation: LSGfan; cr: DCsma; DClsg)

I saw Lee SeungGi and Shin MinAh today>___<
They were filming SBS drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!
Instead of going to school, me and my friends went to XX!
XX is where they were filming!

Typically what takes 15 minutes from school,
we rushed and got there in in 5 minutes.

We were hiding in a corner but then were caught by
the the staff and then got to see things better.ㅎㅎ

Lee Seung Gi’s skin is totally flawless>__<

Also Lee Seung Gi even asked us,
“Aren’t you guys going to school?”
Why am I acting like this. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Ah, we also got to see Shin MinAh unni but not clearly ㅠㅠ
Her legs were totally thin and pretty!

Because the start of school had already passed.ㅎㅎ
Our teacher came and found us and so
we had no choice but to go back to school.ㅠㅠ

This was the first time I had seen an celeb in person!

They say that Lee Seung Gi will be filming at my friend’s aunt’s
store in the evening.ㅎㅎ I think I will tell my after school tutoring
place that I’m going to the doctor and go check out Lee Seung Gi. ㅋ

Also, looks like we won’t be getting any tweets from Seunggi on Thursday.  Per his most recent tweet, he was on his way back to Seoul from what seems to have been some rural part outside of the city… He tweeted that he’ll be taking a twitter break since he’ll be filming for Strong Heart.

omg, I almost forgot that he’s like filming 1n2d and Strong Heart and his neverending CFs while Gumiho filming has just begun. And he’ll probably be busy practicing for the MGIG OST as well!  Hook’s Rep Gwon better take extra care of Seunggi…
or else… because we know where she lives in cyberspace via twitter now! :)

*** UPDATED with more BTS photos ***

so this is what the fan account girl was talking about.  She had also mentioned something about seeing a phone booth when they had skipped school to see them filming but I had no idea what she was talking about and it seemed so random…
but this is what she must’ve been talking about…
Seunggi filming at a phone booth…

(cr: SBS LSG gallery; DClsg)

3 Responses

  1. does Shin min ah have tweeter too?
    what’s her tweeter ID?

    • i’m not sure if she’s on twitter. probably not b/c if she were ppl would know by now since all the official gumiho-related twitters have been surfacing.

  2. I wonder how does seunggi feel about his young fans skipping school just to see, or even to get a glimpse of him. He’s such a studious person and had always encouraged his fans during exam times…. so I guess it must’ve been awkward for him to see them in school uniform on a school day, yet not in school.

    Anyway I would do the same if i were to have the opportunity to see him in person too

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