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Gumiho official poster photos revealed… more to come?!

Investment banker SeungGi vs. Action hero wannabe Seunggi :) ke ke ke ke…


‘Triple Crown’ Lee SeungGi ~ 2 songs for Gumiho OST

Lee Seung Gi, ‘Triple Crown’ again!
(English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com)

Having been active and popular in acting, variety, and singing in 2009, Lee Seung Gi is going for the triple crown once again.  Making his drama comeback after one year, Lee Seung Gi will also be singing on the My Girlfriend is a Gumiho drama ost.  According to one of the reps involved in the project, Lee Seung Gi will be singing the main theme song and another second song tied to his character Cha Dae Woong…


Fan Project Update ~ 1 day extension!

(cr: DClsg; As labeled)

Look how hard SeungGi works for his fans… even riding a bike on stage and taking fans for a ride at his recent Tokyo fan meeting! :) 

International Fan Project – Update

Grace Day Deadline – June 22, 11:59 pm (Korea time)

Because I know how good it felt when my professors gave us extensions even if it was just one grace day!  Thanks to everyone who’s already sent in stuff, but for those who are waiting till the last minute and asked for some time, you get one extra day!  Especially, the lurker fans… hope you decide to come out and take the plunge! :)

SH photos and hudang jokes, and 1n2d photos

We designed this so that the coordinators will be able to put something together even with not as many submissions.  But we got some great stuff so thanks!  But you have ONE day left, so if you can, email them or post in Soompi LSG forum!

Scrapbook of fan letters

For Seunggi fans who can’t get seem to get out of lurking mode, something easy and only takes few minutes and is anonymous.  Leave a short message for Seunggi in the comments section of this blog here: SeungGi wants to hear from you… 
(I just left a message in the comments section too!)

Seunggi would so love to hear from you!  And you have ONE extra day, so if you have time or inspiration, email letter/photo to lsgfanblog@gmail.com.

Especially the individual fangroups, it’d be great for Seunggi to see all his
international sites (b/c obviously, based on his recent tweets, he has no clue
that he has a lot of international fans beyond the Chinese and Japanese ones!)…


Cha Dae Woong (aka SeungGi) tweets in English

Cha Dae Woong’s first tweet in English:

Hi, everyone! This time I am writing in English to thank all of you from over the world. Since I am not that good at English, I couldn’t express my feeling that much, but I always have thought and appreciated to your great interest and love in my mind. I will be very glad if you keep paying attention and listening to me! For those of you who don’t speak Korean, please be patient! have a nice day!

Aw, poor Seunggi.  Think he’s starting to feel pressure already about twitter.  Hope this doesn’t stress him out… and he doesn’t feel bad for not tweeting back…  He is definitely tweeting as both Cha Dae Woong and as himself, Lee Seung Gi!  Based on CDW’s character, he probably wouldn’t care about all the international fans’ tweets!  But knowing Seunggi, he’s already starting to feel bad… hope the fans continue to send him tweets but maybe lessen the questions a bit… it seems like for a guy like Seunggi, he would feel bad easily for not doing everything for the fans…

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BTS poster filming, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho twitter

(cr: http://twitpic.com/1yo3l1)

Tweet: Slightly~ revealing poster filming~~ it was really hot but SeungGi, MinAh, and the director, everyone was great about it and already the feel is good!!!

Twitter for SBS My Girlfriend is a Gumiho: http://twitter.com/baepr

Liking what I see!  Can’t wait to see the actual promo posters! :)