SeungGi’s super sweet ducati bike


Tweet: For this morning’s first scene, I went through a lot to buy meat for our MiHo…ㅋMiHo sshi, one piece at a time… every time she cooked the meat, I acted with the mindset that I could become like those pieces of meat… This is the motorcycle bike that DaeWoong will get to ride… I practiced already… it is totally scary…ㅋ
I’ll have to be careful^^

~Cha Dae Woong (aka SeungGi’s) twitter:

SeungGi is totally tweeting partially as Dae Woong AND partially as himself!!! :)

Also, to see the tweets that others are sending  to Cha Dae Woong, check out his Korean twitter site and click on @chadaewoong:

(thx to BlockG @soompi for the tip!)

One Response

  1. woah that’s one cool bike…by look of it looks like he’ll have a very young and trendy style that fits his age…

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