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First glimpse at Chung Jung Won fan signing

A first glimpse (grainy shots) into SeungGi at the Chung Jung Won fan signing on Saturday at Daemyung Park.  I’m sure better photos will surface over the next few days.  Per the theme of the Chung Jung Won event, Seunggi doesn’t look like he’s going 1n2d style camping at all! ha ha ha.  But I like his overall relaxed look.  I guess you can’t really show up looking ragged and laid back for a fan event anyway…

(cr: DClsg)

According to a fan account, the fan sign was scheduled for 5pm but his van showed up way earlier than expected.  Also supposedly other people hanging out at Daemyung Park and OceanWorld were able to catch a glimpse of Seunggi at the fan signing after hearing rumors that he would be there later on.  I’m sure there will be more fan accounts soon…

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