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Chuno’s Sung Dong Il as LSG’s action school teacher

(fanart: DClsg)

This casting news came out a few days ago…  43 year old actor Sung Dong Il (last seen in KBS Chuno) will play the role of SeungGi’s teacher/director at the action school.  Sung Dong Il had already been rumored to be joining the drama before the press release and per the fanart promo poster, there’s also been rumors that Byun Hee Bong (last seen as the math teacher in KBS God of Study) may also be cast; although not confirmed.  About Sung Dong Il…

From DramaBeans post:

Actor Sung Dong-il is the newest addition to the fantasy-melodrama series My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, joining the two leads, Lee Seung-gi (Brilliant Legacy) and Shin Mina (The Naked Kitchen).  Sung is often cast for his comedic acting, but as he showed in Chuno as a violent slave hunter, there’s more to his presence than mere comic relief. Still, expect him to bring the funny; a source with the production identified Sung’s role as the one proffering the most laughs.

Sung plays the owner and martial arts director at a top action school, which puts him in contact with the drama’s hero, played by Lee Seung-gi. The hero’s dream is to become an action-film star, and he becomes his student. The director character is keen on achieving “real action” scenes that don’t make use of wire work, and therefore tries to recruit the gumiho (Shin Mina), because she is not only beautiful but agile per her gumiho skills.

The Hong sisters’ My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho will begin filming in early July and premieres in August.


Although the press releases for Sung Dong Il and HyoMin’s casting only specified their relationships to SeungGi’s DaeWoong character, based on Dramabean’s post about Sung’s character and recent news about HyoMin’s role, looks like Sung Dong Il and HyoMin may be connected as father-daughter.  And I think MinAh’s character will also be studying at the action school… should be interesting to see all of these guys together.  But as originally planned, hope to see a great script and story to be primarily developed around the relationship between SeungGi and MinAh’s characters! 

More fanart from SeungGi fans anticipating the drama…  When will August come? :)

(fanart: haart @soompiLSG)

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