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T-ara’s HyoMin officially cast to play SeungGi’s friend

*** UPDATED with more info about HyoMin’s relationship to SeungGi ***

T-ara’s HyoMin has been officially cast in a supporting role for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.  Looks like early rumoring about her joining the drama was true… unlike all those crazy back and forth casting rumors for what ended up being Shin Min Ah’s role.  This will be HyoMin’s first acting role so I’m not sure how to feel about this.  Aside from singing, she has also been part of the G7 girls for KBS variety show Invincible Youth.  She’s also currently studying acting in school…

I’m not crazy about this being her first acting role, but everyone needs a first break and it would be totally unfair to say anything about her until we see her act.  T-ara’s JiHyun had been in Hon and the recent popular drama God of Study.  And T-ara’s EunJung is getting a lot of love in the current drama Coffee House.  So hope this means good things for HyoMin.  (via HanKyung)

According to early rumors, HyoMin’s character is supposedly a friend of SeungGi’s Dae Woong character but also likes him more than as a friend.  SeungGi having had such great chemistry with Brilliant Legacy, I’m hoping for the same for Gumiho.  And just happy that SeungGi and MinAh had a perfectly matched first meeting!

Recently, T-ara and SeungGi both performed at the Banyan Tree Club & Spa event.

*** UPDATED with more info about HyoMin’s relationship to SeungGi’s DaeWoong ***

HyoMin’s character “Sun Nyuh” is the daughter of the action school’s director.  She likes SeungGi’s character DaeWoong and does everything she can to get him to like her.  According to her management company, “HyoMin is currently in her fourth year studying acting at Sung Kyoon Kwan University and has been working hard to prepare for filming for this character.”  (via Chosun)

Looks like a love triangle among HyoMin, SeungGi, and MinAh’s characters.  According to other rumors, supposedly there is another guy character in this mix too… so there will ultimately be 2 leads and probably 2 supporting roles in the love mix.  Should be hearing news soon about a male actor being cast… I’m thinking this guy would play a smaller role and that the love triangle would be between SeungGi’s character and the 2 girls?

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  1. She had been on SH twice…right?

    Hope she will do a good job like her member.

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