T-ara’s HyoMin officially cast to play SeungGi’s friend

*** UPDATED with more info about HyoMin’s relationship to SeungGi ***

T-ara’s HyoMin has been officially cast in a supporting role for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.  Looks like early rumoring about her joining the drama was true… unlike all those crazy back and forth casting rumors for what ended up being Shin Min Ah’s role.  This will be HyoMin’s first acting role so I’m not sure how to feel about this.  Aside from singing, she has also been part of the G7 girls for KBS variety show Invincible Youth.  She’s also currently studying acting in school…


LSG fan Lee Chung Yong scores Korea’s one goal

(cr: Samsung Zipel cafe)

Korea lost to Argentina 4-1 in Thursday’s world cup soccer game. boo hoo hoo.  But the world cup advertising and promotions are neverending… a good thing for LSG fans!  And another plus, despite Korea’s loss… the one goal scored by the Korean team came from soccer player (and LSG fan) Lee Chung Yong…


Fan accounts of bike riding with Seunggi in Tokyo

omg, as expected based on the earlier photos of just SeungGi on a bike, they definitely made him reenact the Hwan-Sung couple bike scene from Brilliant Legacy at his Tokyo fan meeting!  omg, Seunggi looks soooo embarrassed!  That smile and laugh on his face is priceless!!  ha ha ha.  But, I’m sure he had a great time making his fans happy.

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