The neverending Activia fan signing photoblogs [June 2010]

This is the press release photo about the fan signing event circulating today in the press.  In talking about the successful event, they of course remember to emphasize that Activia is the number 1 yogurt in sales… but it also specifically says that SeungGi was sporting a “wavy new hairstyle for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho filming.”   Interesting details to include along with a fan signing press release from Activia!  Or maybe the press release was from Hook Entertainment?! (Really, no way!)…

I thought 70+ fans were chosen through the online promo, but the articles say that 104 fans were chosen.  It’s like the neverending Activia fan signings!   I think fans were just so shocked and thrilled to see SeungGi’s cody doing such a bang up job this time, fans just can’t seem to get enough!

The concept behind Seunggi’s Activia CF is a 14 day proposal for healthy living…
thus, explaining SeungGi’s yogurt flower bouquet fashion shoot! LOL.

More SeungGi photoblogs from Activia fan signing!  Complete with what looks to be a public weighing of people!  Omg, that’s kind of crazy!  But also lots of great SeungGi on Activia promo stuff too!

And, a definite must read…

kfrenzy blogger’s firsthand account of managing to pull the foreigner card to get into the Activia fan signing event to meet see SeungGi!  Read the juicy details (including bonus Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Il Woo encounters) at My Fangirl Life is Complete.   (Excerpt first posted at 1n2dfansubs).

See more photos and fancams from the Activia fan signing event:

Images: Yonhap, Activia

One Response

  1. I agree with you,
    I was shock too when I saw first photo of LSG’s Activia fan signing…….

    Did his cody took the wrong medicine?……:) just kidding

    I just love his news look

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