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D.LUX Society fashion show and party

Loving SeungGi’s hair from the D.LUX Society with Y.K. Jung fashion show.  Reminds me of his Brilliant Legacy nest-hair days, which I loved!  As for dual necklace combo… um, dear cody, please don’t try to dress up our seunggi like a typical kpop idol!  And as for the rest of the outfit, check out some of the press photos…

Um, no comment!  In typical fashion, cody gets one thing right and almost seems to purposely screw up the other part… like the hair looks hot and then she goes and pieces together some really not-so-great outfit!  But because the overall look is so much better than previous fashion shows, I won’t harp on her too much this time! :)

Seunggi’s been super busy like usual… had the typical marathon, super long Strong Heart recording on Thursday, Activia fan signing on Friday morning (more to come on that later), this fashion show appearance Friday night, and off to Japan for the weekend for his June 13th back-to-back fan signing and mini-concert!  All while prepping for Gumiho, filming cfs, and doing 1n2d.

Seunggi, you really make us all want to work harder! :)

*** UPDATE 1 — After Party celeb photos ***

Like any typical fashion show, there was a very posh after party and per an event insider, the very stylish after party had a great vibe and what looks to be topnotch champagne and hors d’oeuvres (a definite must for any good party!)…

Per the blogger…

A lot of stylist Jung Yoon Gi’s close celeb friends showed up for the event… Kim Jung Eun, Cha Seung Won, Lee Seung Gi, Oh Ji Ho, Lee Jung Jae, Kwon Sang Woo, Seo In Young, Kim Nam Jin, Jung Ga Eun, and many more…  All of them were way more attractive in person…

Looks like most of the celebs stayed for the after party to shmooze with the other celebs…  and not surprisingly, it looks like our SeungGi didn’t stick around!  :)
ha ha ha.

Yes, Seunggi has a crazy busy schedule… on this day, he had like 3 events!  But I also get the feeling that Seunggi’s not a big shmoozer!  Something I love about him because I can’t stand guys who try way too hard (ha ha ha), but at the same time, it wouldn’t hurt for SeungGi to ease up his rep for being a bit unapproachable because of his good, model image!

But all of these actors were much older and more established than our Seunggi and even though many of them have spoken highly of Seunggi even without meeting him, I think he always feels a bit out of their league… reminds me of SeungGi at the Baeksang Awards back in March and how he was so humble about everything!  So looking forward to the return of Actor Lee Seung Gi in August!

See more after party atmosphere photos at this Naver blog post.

*** UPDATE 2 — More SeungGi photos ***

Per this blogger…

OMG!!!  Because you’re my man~~~ Because you’re my guy~~~ㅋㅋㅋ
I got to see his side profile, front profile, all of it~
A celeb that sometimes seems less like my man but more younger brother~
Because of his own personal confident style, he really is so cool.
Even though he only stayed for just a short time, seeing him leave with
the penguin doll given to him by stylist Jung Yoon Gi was really… too cute!

I totally want to see Seunggi and this penguin doll from the stylist!!!! ha ha ha :)
And firsthand proof that Seunggi didn’t stay around to shmooze!

Check out more celeb and after party photos at this Naver blog post.
I can’t seem to picture SeungGi chilling out while drinking and smoking with Kwon Sang Woo and Cha Seung Won! But can totally see him chilling with these guys at like a drama awards show or maybe on the set of a drama or movie in the future?!

Top 10 Star Award winners from the 2009 SBS Drama Awards…
including SeungGi and Cha Seung Won…

*** UPDATE 3 – Photos of SeungGi and D.LUX’s Y.K. Jung ***

According to this party insider’s blog, stylist YK Jung said this about our Seunggi… Awwww…

Singer Lee Seung Gi stopped by too.  He was very cute and very cool.  In talking about Lee Seung Gi, stylist Y.K. Jung said… He is really a good maturing friend who once had full cheeks like that of a student, and at some point became more a young adult man.  He said that it’s always a joy to work with SeungGi because like that of his nation’s younger brother image, he has a cute personality and is well-mannered.  Whenever he gets to style him for a performance, he admires SeungGi’s handsomely tall figure, and even though he has such a young face, his 182 cm height and great skin are his charms… He said that turtlenecks look good on SeungGi.

I don’t think this is SeungGi’s full-time stylist/cody?  probably a stylist that Seunggi’s cody works with a lot?

And per another party insider, looks like Seunggi only stayed for 10 minutes!
Soooooo not surprised!

A little after 9pm, Lee Seung Gi arrived.  However, what’s up with leaving the party only after like 10 minutes?  Actually, I was feeling disappointed because I didn’t get a good clear picture of Lee Seung Gi, but I was able to get a photo of him as he was leaving.  Do you see him in the photo over there?  After seeing him in person, he really is handsome and tall!

Check out more great behind-the-scenes shots of the celebs at this blogpost.

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  1. me top!!!! want to see seunggi oppa with penguin doll!

    can’t wait to see him in my girlfriend is gumiho!

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