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Chung Jung Won fan signing to be held at a park?

*** UPDATE — 1st place winners chosen for the event ***

(cr: Chung Jung Won online event promo)

According to leeseunggiworld, SeungGi is having ANOTHER fan signing this Saturday on June 19th for Chung Jung Won, to be held at Daemyung Park [time to be annouced soon].  At first I thought it was weird that it was going to be at a “park” but then I thought it was probably just the name of some plaza, but…

according to the Chung Jung Won online event promo, it says that there will be a fan signing meet with SeungGi… and something about it being 1 night 2 day style and there’s a picture of a tent behind SeungGi in the promo!  LOL.  I seriously doubt that SeungGi will spend 1 night 2 days with the fans??!!

Seems 1st place winners will get to have a 1n2d-ish camping experience.  And someone mentioned that SeungGi will show up for the fan signing part.  It looks like  a small number of people for the camping part but not sure how many are going to be allowed in for the fan signing or whether it will be closed off to the public.  Chung Jung Won is an upscale food brand and you can’t fully access their website without an id!  (really,  is that necessary?!)  I’m sure details will come out soon.

Anyone new to Chung Jung Won, concept of “nude” means “natural” like no artificial stuff in the food!  I was talking to my all-natural-health-obsessed mom the other day and she told me that I should only buy the Chung Jung Won brand for red hot bean paste (a staple korean food ingredient)!  Lee Hyori endorses that product.  Chung Jung Won has a few endorsement models but SeungGi is the main model…
in case you know, you can’t tell by all the photos of him on the their website
and their blog or the Chung Jung Won naver page!

Note to ditdut — You should totally try to crash this fan signing event too!  Pull your “I’m not korean, i’m a foreigner visiting Korea and I’m dying to meet SeungGi” card!  It worked with the Activia fan signing; can totally work again!

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*** UPDATE — 1st place winners chosen for the event ***

Per this blogpost, Chung Jung Won called her to say she had been chosen as one of the 1st place winners for the 1 night 2 day camping event to be held at the DaeMyung Vivaldi Park.  30 couples/families were chosen for the 1st place prize and a fan signing with SeungGi will be part of the June 19-20 camping event.  No other specifics or details, but looks like SeungGi is definitely going to be there at some point.  Don’t think it’ll be an open event for everyone in the park!  Hopefully more details will come out so fangirl didut can push her way into the event! we’re all rooting for you! :)

But looks like DaeMyung Vivaldi Park is not really a typical park, but more like a resort… including a golf club, a SkiWorld, and Oceanworld.  After School’s Uee and Kahee did a recent CF so that’s why you see their faces all over the website!  Anyway, don’t think the SeungGi fan signing event will be held at the water park! LOL.

5 Responses

  1. LOL, it actually didn’t work in Activia. They didn’t let me in. I had to sneak in, and even then I didn’t get to be in the fansigning room. Only the room above it.

    I’m trying to figure out how to get into this event. Help!!

    • didn’t realize you didn’t actually get to meet him. i obviously don’t know how to read! was just so excited for you about the whole juicy venture that i thought you did get in and meet him :(

      you should def check at leeseunggiworld and LSG soompi thread throughout the week for more updates about the fan signing! will post anything if i hear about it! Hwaiting! it has to happen! ha ha ha.

  2. I did get to meet him, just not in the fansign itself. Waited outside XD..

    Thanks a lot. Please do. I don’t wanna lose to the ahjummas!!

  3. Good luck to you, ditdut! I am crossing my fingers for you to be able to sneak into Seung Gi’s tent. :-) Please share photos if you are successful.

  4. OMG, i was just at DaeMyung resort a week ago..Damn, missed him..

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