Strong Heart, TV Ratings (June 15, 2010): 1st week no broadcast due to world soccer

(fanart: fiey@soompiLSG)


D.LUX Society fashion show and party

Loving SeungGi’s hair from the D.LUX Society with Y.K. Jung fashion show.  Reminds me of his Brilliant Legacy nest-hair days, which I loved!  As for dual necklace combo… um, dear cody, please don’t try to dress up our seunggi like a typical kpop idol!  And as for the rest of the outfit, check out some of the press photos…

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Chung Jung Won fan signing to be held at a park?

*** UPDATE — 1st place winners chosen for the event ***

(cr: Chung Jung Won online event promo)

According to leeseunggiworld, SeungGi is having ANOTHER fan signing this Saturday on June 19th for Chung Jung Won, to be held at Daemyung Park [time to be annouced soon].  At first I thought it was weird that it was going to be at a “park” but then I thought it was probably just the name of some plaza, but…


The neverending Activia fan signing photoblogs [June 2010]

This is the press release photo about the fan signing event circulating today in the press.  In talking about the successful event, they of course remember to emphasize that Activia is the number 1 yogurt in sales… but it also specifically says that SeungGi was sporting a “wavy new hairstyle for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho filming.”   Interesting details to include along with a fan signing press release from Activia!  Or maybe the press release was from Hook Entertainment?! (Really, no way!)…

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