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SeungGi & MinAh’s perfectly matched first meeting

(fanart: DClsg fan)

Based on the recent BTS blurry photos from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, we know that SeungGi and MinAh finally met for the first time.  But everyone’s been super curious about what it was like, especially since there were so many rumors prior to SMA’s casting, and since then there’s been tons of buzz and anticipation about seeing LSG and SMA together as a couple.  Well, according to a recent article about LSG and SMA’s first encounter, the two are simply perfect together…

It was bragged that actors Lee SeungGi and Shin MinAh were a match made in heaven.  At a studio in Seoul, Lee SeungGi and Shin MinAh recently filmed promotional photos for SBS drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.


Fan Project Reminder: Still have a week!

Here’s an awesome SeungGi fanproject video sent in by samunngi @soompi…

What do you get the guy who has everything?!  Remember, it’s the thought that counts.  And we just want SeungGi to have some fanmade reminders to make him smile and laugh for when he’s feeling totally exhausted during his super busy upcoming schedule!  And also to let him know more about his international fans outisde of Korea, and that we’re with him in everything he does!

Thanks to all the international fans who’ve already sent in stuff.  And for those who haven’t yet, you still have a week!  Hope to hear from you guys soon! :)

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Activia fan signing photospam 2 [June 2010]

Photospam 2. Amazing high quality fan photo shots from the Activia fan signing!

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Activia fan signing photospam 1 [June 2010]

Photospam 1. Amazing high quality fan photo shots from the Activia fan signing!

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[ENG] Fancams from Activia fan signing [June 2010]

Even based on the earlier fan photos from the Activia fan signing, this looked way nicer than the recent stand-in-a line-get-autograph-and leave Pyong Chang Su, Sunkist, and Kolon Sport fan signings.  Activia organized the event almost like a mini-fan meeting, similar to the much bigger Zipel Assak propose from back in Feb.  Fancams (ENG-subbed for SeungGi ments).

A very long-eyelashed SeungGi happily signing for fans… Awww!

(cr: leeseunggiworld; 승블리)

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Arriving at airport for Japan fan meeting

(cr: DClsg)

A very intelligent looking Seunggi showed up in dressed down fashion at an airport in Japan today for his back-to-back fan meeting.  He definitely knows that girls LOVE smart looking guys!  There are times when I wish his people would portray him more like Lee Seung Gi, the actor-celeb… but, have to admit, it’s this totally sincere-non-attention-seeking-dressed-down-Seunggi that makes fans love him more! :)