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SeungGi the lovable son in new Sunkist CF

SeungGi has a new Haitai Beverage CF out.  He first started with Haitai’s Pyong Chang Su water CF coming off as single guy-SeungGi, and then took on Haitai’s very cute Sunkist Family juice CF showing more of an older brother-SeungGi side, and now Haitai’s out with lovable son-SeungGi in their new Sunkist Premium juice CF.

Check out the cute CF and read the English subs below the clip…

(cr: AirenVideo)

LSG: Did we change our juice?
MOM: Yes, we changed to Premium Juice.
LSG: Why?
MOM: Because they only put oranges in it.
LSG: Why?
MOM: Because my son is going to be drinking it!
[LSG’s voiceover: Sunkist Family Premium Gold]
LSG: For me, it’s Premium Gold.

Really loving his look in this CF.  It’s similar to the previous cf where the little sister is the one who repeatedly asks “why” to her older brother.  I loved the concept behind that first CF of him as older brother to a very cute little girl, but was totally not into his whole look and style in that cf… like how hard is it to put SeungGi in a fitted shirt!!! 

Anyway, loving the look and hair in this CF.  He looks great.  Also very smart marketing to show just SeungGi but throw in the loving mom’s voice in the background! ha ha.  And looks like Haitai’s going to continue to put SeungGi’s face on all his endorsed drink beverages!  :)

(cr: As labeled; DClsg)

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4 Responses

  1. Thank you as always
    Here: CF with Sub

    I am not hiding it any more because I already got a warn.haha

  2. seunggi you are too cute! if i lived in korea i would buy all the drinks with your face on it all the time!

  3. seunggi looks great in this cf!!

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