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SeungGi’s World Cup puns/jokes, Strong Heart cuts

*** UPDATED with English-subbed video clips ***

LSG video cuts from Tuesday’s (6/8) Strong Heart episode:
Eng subs: LSGfan; video credits: rapport2010tryp96

Video clip: LSG’s World Cup hudang joke 1

Video clip: LSG and KHD imitate 2pm’s Nick Khun and JunSu
[Khun had just told a story about how he didn’t know much Korean when he first joined 2pm; so he basically knew how to say his name and that he was from Thailand (pronounced TaeGuk in Korean). And that when he met JunSu, who happened to be from DaeGu (a Korean city), they totally thought they were from the same place! So SeungGi and HoDong reenact Khun-JunSu meeting.]

Video clip: LSG’s World Cup hudang joke 2

LSG: ok, second one. this one seems more promising.
KHD: ok, first joke! [Caption: For the sake of SeungGi’s editing!]
[laughter. LSG and KHD joke a bit about the editing].
LSG: ok, we’re really starting now. This is the first one.
KHD: He is Lee Seung Gi everyone… [oohs ahhs]
LSG: Have you seen a soccer ball laughing?
LEETEUK: Poot-ball (play on words)
[SeungGi totally stunned again that someone knows the answer. He does that folding motion with his hands again to throw away his joke.]

SeungGi… please no more of these hudang  punjokes!  Only SeungGi and Khun could get away with these types of corny jokes! :)

See RATINGS/RECAP from this ep:

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3 Responses

  1. thanks for subbing..
    i’m not interesting in seung gi gag jokes..
    i hope he give up those;;;

  2. May in next ep, there will not be hudang gag corner
    He already folding his joke big time and counting those joke that didn’t work…..haha

    Hoping in next return of SH which will be 29 June?
    LSG will look better than he was in this ep…….

    LSG Hwaiting!!!!! :)

  3. Haha
    I really love both of them,,seunggi and khun..I love it if they’ll become a friends.. :)

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