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First 2 (blurry) BTS shots of Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Ok, it’s really happening! Get excited people! Per Seunggi’s letter to fans, early test filming for Gumiho has begun!  And though you can barely make out much, SeungGi’s outfit is very much to my liking! Yay!  Thankfully his personal cody will probably not be his stylist for the drama (hence, the reason he was rocking the fashions during Brilliant Legacy!)  Looks like he got a haircut… Thank you again drama stylist!  And was totally surprised to see Shin Min Ah’s gumiho character dressed like this…

(photo credits: leeseunggiworld; DClsg)

Looks like she is wearing a traditional korean hanbok?  Hm, wasn’t expecting that at all.  But guess it makes sense she’s supposed to be an ancient creature that’s been locked up for a gazillion years… so I guess it wouldn’t make sense for her to show up unleashed decked out in some fashion runway outfit!

Getting very excited for Gumiho drama!  Haven’t figured out what to use for the acronym.  Been calling it Gumiho for short but will have to think of something better.  Don’t like MGIAG — looks weird.  Maybe, MGIG… or MGG?

Anyway, so looking forward to seeing many more photos!!!!

Read more about the drama in the My Girlfriend is a Gumiho category.

8 Responses

  1. This is really happening?????
    Wow I am so excited.

    I like MGIG better ….haha

  2. can’t wait!!

    Wow..blurry pic or not, whoever this drama’s stylist, let me offer her red bean buns in thanks for making Seung Gi look good so far!

  4. hopefully along the way, SGi character in the drama may bring her to buy modern clothing??hahaha….

    really excited about the drama now…! must remember by heart SGi character’s name in the drama….haha

  5. wearing a traditional korean hanbok????????????????
    this drama is not wearing their own clothes??? -_-

    i don’t like traditional korean hanbok clothes!!
    this drama will not success if it’s wearing a traditional korean hanbok clothing.. boring drama..;;

    • u dont have to worry at all. i remembered reading the storyline and it is in the modern timeframe..not ancient… maybe only the gumiho is wearing the traditional clothes for the beginning part since she is a few hundred years old… i’m sure the male lead will make her wear the modern clothes….

  6. Wahahhaa:)) I really can’t wait! xD so excited~ yohooo!

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