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Get Inspired! See some Fan Project stuff emailed in…

We only posted this project a few days ago and it’s great to see fans so excited!  I’ll be posting regular reminders about the ongoing SeungGi fan project and fan samples to give you guys some ideas and inspiration! :) 

Remember, it’s the thought that counts!  And we just want to make sure that SeungGi hears from as many of his international fans as possible!  I know a lot of you are involved in other SeungGi fan projects, but since this is an overall international fan one, please try to at least email me a message for the scrapbook… or even easier, you can just leave a message for SeungGi here on the blog

  • Also, please email in something for at least one of the other parts of the project.  The coordinators will take care of the rest in putting it all together. 
  • And first deadine is June 9 (Wed) for uploading a song for SeungGi’s song collection.  See 1n2dfansubs for more details!

And here’s a range of some early stuff that fans have emailed in for the different parts of the project… Remember just email in something to the coordinating person in the announcement and they’ll take care of the rest! :) 

Sample letter pages…

Sample photos emailed in with messages…

Again, whatever you have time for or best matches your message. It can be a collage or just one single photo… as long as SeungGi is in the photo, it really doesn’t matter!

Sample messages & letters emailed in…

I’ll edit the color and font style if needed for those who don’t have time to do it, so just make sure to at least send in a message! :)

Seung Gi ya…
Happy 6th debut anniversary and best wishes for your drama-my girlfriend is a gumiho ^^ We, the international fans would continue to support you till your 66th or more debut anniversary…hehe so don’t forget us ya…

p/s: Please take care of your health & can you give me some of your study tips??? ^^

~From XXXXX, Malaysia

Hello Seung Gi,
Congratulations to you on the 6th anniversary of your debut. I pray that your star will continue to shine & for everyone to love you forever. Remember to remain kind, sincere and humble, for these are your traits that endear to everyone. Good luck for your new drama & please take care of your health!

“It is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice”

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

To 승기:
Congratulations for our beloved 승기’ debut 6th anniversary!
During the nine months since I’ve got to know you, I received too much love and hope!  And now I know it clearly that you are a part of my life and belief!
What I really want to say to you is that Thank you very very much for knowing you through the drama <소문난 칠공주> and falling in love with you after listening to the song “아버지 “of your first Love concert.
Thank you for your being so brilliant to give me the hope to live more optimisticly, thank you for knowing you to give me the courage to set sail again!
There would be no any more meaningful life than yours at least in my heart, because all the efforts you ‘ve made and all the successes you’ve achieved not only mean much to you but also mean much to us Ariens! As for me, you are a father to teach me how to be a person, a brother to give me the warmth of family love, and you are also a friend to show me how it is possible to succeed since you’ve prepared so much for it!
The most important thing is that what we Ariens give you is our pure love not pressure, so please receive our love simply without any worry! and we all Ariens hope you to be healthy and always keep your sincere smile since your dimple is so charming.
We don’t require you to smile when you are sometimes not in mood. We just want you to be yourself. You can keep silent when you don’t want to say anything. You can stop to have a good rest when you’re really tired.
We all Ariens know your pay, sweats, teers behind your today’s success. Even though you don’t say anything, we all know what a person you are: handsome,cute,kind ,courteous,hard-working,self-disciplined,sunny….And if thinking carefully, you seem to be an angel befalling on the earth.
We all Ariens will always stand with you and believe in you in the future no matter how many years it will be!  Thank you for your presence in my life, your name has deeply rooted in my heart and soul, I realy feel happy to be able to fall in love with you, and I am really gratefull to be able to be your Arien! 
승기! Fighting! We all Ariens will accompany you to the end!

From XXXXXX, China

Sample Hudang jokes…

And some jokes for his Strong Heart gag corner or just silly jokes about SeungGi to crack him up… because we know he loves that kind of stuff!  Here are some based on popular American commercials… perfect for SeungGi the CF star!

“The Best Part of Waking Up is Seunggi in Your Cup”
“The Best Part of Waking Up is FOLGERS in Your Cup”
(I’m sure a lot are wishing this could be true!)

“You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Seunggi”
“You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got ANSWERS”
(hurray for the smart kid!!!)

“Choosy Mothers Choose Seunggi”
“Choosy Mothers Choose JIF”
(Is there any mom who wouldn’t want him for a son or a son-in-law?!)

Ok SeungGi Airen fans… hope these give you some inspiration for emailing in more stuff!  Kudos again to everyone for being totally excited about this project!  SeungGi is going to totally love it! :)

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