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SeungGi fans say goodbye to KimC

KimC clips from 1n2d set to MC Mong’s I love you oh Thank you and Hot Potato’s Confession (English version)…  from 1n2d fan and video extraodinaire Koolbrosia…
omg, just love these 1n2d guys so much… close to 3 yrs together is a long time! :)

(cr: koolbrosia)

Here’s the preview clip from last week, saying goodbye to KimC…

(cr: typ96; DClsg)

And here’s the beautiful and sad song from that KimC clip.  The song is part of an indie album compilation of various artists including KimC.  Read more about the album at 1n2dfansubs.

Kim C and Seunggi, set to Unfinished Story

(cr: leeseunggi01)

KimC has a special place in the hearts of SeungGi fans.  Ever since LSG’s debut on the show, KimC has has totally loved our SeungGi and the two have been known to be very close on the 1n2d set… And it was so sad to see SeungGi crying on Sunday’s last ep with KimC.  Actually, all the 1n2d guys tearing up was sad, but when KimC started crying, I couldn’t help but to cry too :(

(cr: DClsg; ixory @soompi)

But in typical 1n2d fashion, they ended on a happy note with all the guys having prepared delicious homemade food and cooking it for KimC the next morning! :)

Also, SeungGi fans delivered gifts and goodies to KimC on May 29 (a non-1n2d filming day), thanking KimC for loving and taking care of Seunggi… Awwww…..

And the steamed buncake gifts… LSG and KimC eat those on Seunggi’s first 1n2d broadcast (See this clip from previous post: KimC gives SeungGi hudang name, 1n2d cuts)

(photo cr: DClsg; tryp96 @soompi)

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