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LSG encourages pizza over chicken for World Cup

Last week SeungGi showed up at GunGook University for an hour on May 28 as part of Pizza Hut’s world cup cheering related activities.  Pizza Hut held an online event and if your group got chosen then SeungGi would personally come and deliver pizza, beer, t-shirts and other goodies.

And former class president SeungGi got impressive oohs and ahhs from the college students when they were taking the photo at the end when he stopped the cameraman and suggested they do the Fighting sign to make for a better picture!  And being the dutiful Pizza Hut model, SeungGi encouraged the students to order pizza and beer during this world cup season rather than chicken! LOL.

Here’s the video from the event…

Something about Koreans and our love for chicken wings!  A chicken endorsement is like a total must on any early star’s CF resume!  SeungGi endorsed Pelicana chicken two years ago in these popular cfs, again totally building on his younger brother image.  He was preppy even 2 yrs ago!  Actually, he’s been preppy since his debut! :)

(video credits: leeseunggi01)

Pizza Hut event announcement…

Press photos from the event…

Somehow all the girls made it to the front row while all the guys seem to have been relegated to the back! ha ha ha. Look at that girl on Seunggi’s right so comfortably linking his arm…

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