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KB Hope SeungGi-Yuna website is up

For fans who can’t get enough of SeungGi-Yuna’s KB World Cup cf and Smile Boy…  In addition to its recently opened KB World Cup twitter, KB Bank Hope website (World Cup edition) is up and running:  kbstarhope.co.kr.  Click on the ballooon caption in and it’ll take you to the main website.  Link also included in CF section in this blog.
Looks like website is similar concept to promotions it did for SeungGi’s Seoul concert last year, it’s a fansite for downloads, events, and other goodies…

Website screen captures
Seunggi and Yuna are seriously looking like siblings to me!  They are just too cute together!  Maybe that’s why so many Seunggi fans are so loving this CF campaign!  Meaning, who doesn’t love gold medalist Kim Yuna and since Yuna comes off like SeungGi’s little sister, fans are okay with the pair! ha ha ha.

Wallpapers downloads…

(photo cr: DClsg; KB)

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  1. tHEY really look like siblings. Although there’s only 3years gap between them, it seems like they have 5-6years gap. Lee Seunggi really look like his age (23), but Yuna looks like a 16-year old girl. She looks so young and innocent beside him probably because of her cutie look. On ice she looks mature because of her character and heavy make-up. And Seung gi more like an oppa to her.

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