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1n2d, TV Ratings (June 6, 2010)

*** UPDATED with 1n2d single rating ***


KB Hope SeungGi-Yuna website is up

For fans who can’t get enough of SeungGi-Yuna’s KB World Cup cf and Smile Boy…  In addition to its recently opened KB World Cup twitter, KB Bank Hope website (World Cup edition) is up and running:  kbstarhope.co.kr.  Click on the ballooon caption in and it’ll take you to the main website.  Link also included in CF section in this blog.
Looks like website is similar concept to promotions it did for SeungGi’s Seoul concert last year, it’s a fansite for downloads, events, and other goodies…


SeungGi fans say goodbye to KimC

KimC clips from 1n2d set to MC Mong’s I love you oh Thank you and Hot Potato’s Confession (English version)…  from 1n2d fan and video extraodinaire Koolbrosia…
omg, just love these 1n2d guys so much… close to 3 yrs together is a long time! :)

(cr: koolbrosia)

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KimC gives SeungGi heodang name, 1n2d cuts

Just a few LSG-KimC video cuts from old 1n2d eps:
[Read English translation below the clips]

Video clip: How did LSG get his Heodang nickname?

[Jan. 2008 1n2d episode]
KIMC: Hey, as a present for the new year, how about I give you a nickname?
LSG: A nickname? What kind? Okay.
KIMC: You, you should be Hudang! [laughter] Heodang Lee SeungGi teacher!
KHD: Yeah, like we all agreed to only kick this thing once and still he…
LSG: [speechless] Well, as you hear it more, it doesn’t seem so bad.
KIMC: Actually, my wife and I fought because of you!
LSG: Why?
KIMC: Because she thinks you’re cute. What’s your deal?!

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LSG encourages pizza over chicken for World Cup

Last week SeungGi showed up at GunGook University for an hour on May 28 as part of Pizza Hut’s world cup cheering related activities.  Pizza Hut held an online event and if your group got chosen then SeungGi would personally come and deliver pizza, beer, t-shirts and other goodies.

And former class president SeungGi got impressive oohs and ahhs from the college students when they were taking the photo at the end when he stopped the cameraman and suggested they do the Fighting sign to make for a better picture!  And being the dutiful Pizza Hut model, SeungGi encouraged the students to order pizza and beer during this world cup season rather than chicken! LOL.

Here’s the video from the event…

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