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Strong Heart now on twitter

*** UPDATE: Photo of MC SeungGi up on twitter 

(original post, 6/2/10)

Strong Heart (Kang Shim Jang) is now on Twitter!  Follow the tweets @KangShimJang.  Link is also listed under TV sites.  Looks like the show is going to post its Photo Diary pix via twitpics… Hope to see pix of SeungGi up soon!

UDPATE – See twitpic of smiling MC SeungGi HERE 
with tweet congratuating his 6-year debut anniversary.

KB Bank World Cup twitter, SeungGi-Yuna pix

KB Bank World Cup Twitter is up and running with pix of SeungGi and Yuna in red.

Link added to CF sites section.  These other photos were posted on DClsg but don’t see them on the twitter feed so not sure where they’re getting these other photos…

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