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Strong Heart, TV Ratings (June 1, 2010): Soccer World Cup Special Pt 1


SeungGi-Yuna’s official WorldCup song/video “Smile Boy”

OMG, SeungGi and Yuna really are the nation’s siblings…  Ahh, just love them both!  How can you not?!  okay, here’s the official version (ENG)…

(video: ONTD2)

(original post, 5/31/10)

The song was released on most portal sites at midnight on June 1st.  Per previous post, all proceeds from LSG-KYA’s song will go to support a fund for rising stars in soccer and figure skating, so if you’re able to access one of the Korean music sites, make sure to download the song at one of these online music sites links:

Mnet ~  Melon CyWorld/BGMBugs ~ Dosirak

Also keep up with the song’s MUSIC CHART rank at these links:
For most of the charts, the song won’t show up in daily charts until June 2 or 3.

Mnet ~  Melon ~ CyWorld/BGMBugsDosirak ~ Monkey3 ~

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