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Activia blog invites LSG fans to June fan signing

*** UPDATE – per Activia Blog, Fan Signing will be on June 11. Location TBA. ***

(original post, 5/20/10)

Despite eyes closed, still seeing Activia
Lee Seung Gi showing a peaceful smile^^
Right now, Seung Gi is thinking about Activia~~ hee hee hee

More creative LSG photos and cute comments up on Activia blog for this week…

One spoonful of Activia, a teasing Lee Seung Gi~~
One spoonful of leftover Activia~
I want to share with everyone but…
I will eat it. hee hee hee.

Just slightly teasing us, it’s Lee Seung Gi^^
Everyone~~ Together with Lee Seung Gi,
Have a great start to a very happy week!

Wow, time really flies doesn’t it?
It’s already time to give out gift certificates for the second time…
We invite you all to the Lee Seung Gi fan signing in June.

Looks like June’s going to be another busy month of fan events for SeungGi, especially as he’ll start Gumiho filming in June. 

I’m sure there will be more events announced later on, but already scheduled is the June 13 Tokyo, Japan fan meeting and what looks to be Activia’s first fan signing.

Per usual, check out the Activia blog and show how much fans love LSG by clicking the little icons below each of the LSG photos! :) 

(photo credits: Activia; DClsg)

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