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Yuna’s singing wows SeungGi (BTS cf filming, pt2)

Part 2 of 3 of the “Princess and Prince Meet” MKnews article series.
(English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com)

Part 2: Lee Seung Gi, “Yuna sshi, you could also be a singer.”

The day of Kim Yuna’s CF filming.  It started from early in the morning and lasted late into the evening for a total of about 10 hours.  However, Kim Yuna had strong stamina throughout.  During that time, staffers would ask her, “Aren’t you tired?” to which she responded with a bright smile, “No, I’m not tired.”  Once in a while she would admit that she was hungry.

Since the concept of the CF was to support the World Cup soccer team, you could see athlete Kim Yuna’s brightness today.  Wearing a red tshirt coordinated with jean shorts gave off a very “cute” feel.  This was very different from the strong, charismatic image we see of her typically on the ice and thus the atmosphere felt even brighter than usual.

Seeing Kim Yuna who has achieved her dream root for the World Cup team was even more touching.  And hearing her sing the lyrics of the song “Smile Boy” made it even more meaningful.  One staffer said, “Maybe it’s because Yuna is singing this, but you feel like there will be victory.”

All of a sudden, the filming area got really busy.  At this time, one staffer whispered, “Lee Seung Gi has arrived.”  Finally, the meeting of these two would happen right in front of our noses.  As Lee Seung Gi entered, Kim Yuna became a bit awkward and some staffers said “The princess and prince finally meet” and everyone welcomed this with clapping.

Maybe it’s because both are in their 20s.  They awkwardly greeted each other with “Um… um… hello.”  And then a short silence.  The people nearby tried to help by saying “why don’t you at least shake hands” which then Lee Seung Gi first held out his hand and Kim Yuna shook his hand.  This is how the princess and prince first met.

Actually, any two people meeting for the first time would probably act like this.  It was time to start filming.  Even Lee Seung Gi, who regularly appears on variety shows, was unable to talk easily.  However, at that time, Lee Seung Gi sat down next to Kim Yuna.

“You really sang the song, right?  I was totally shocked after hearing the song.  You could really become a singer.  The composer Cho Young Sook was also complimenting your amazing singing skills.”

Kim Yuna shyly laughed in response to Lee SeungGi’s compliment.  Lee SeungGi continued on asking “I’m two years or so an oppa right?”  Kim Yuna answered by saying “I was born in 1990…” to which he said, “Oh, it looks like a three year oppa” and the two talked about their age.  Seemed like they were getting a bit more comfortable around one another.  The princess and prince were not different from any ordinary persons.

(via MK news Part 2; English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com)

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okay as an Lee SeungGi fan, this is all totally cute but it’s starting to feel too Taylor Swift Love Story music video-ish!  Like of course they’re not different than any ordinary people who meet for the first time!

And I’m okay with fans referring to Prince SeungGi. Most know that this comes from LSG’s character Hwang Tae Ja, from his first kdrama Infamous Princesses.  Hwang Tae Ja means “prince” and in the drama, his mother treats him like one.  And there’s also LSG’s uhm-chin-ah model student rep prior to his debut and even afterwards.  Which is why they refer to LSG as prince or emperor on 1n2d…

But people who don’t know all this are like why the heck is Lee Seung Gi a prince.  And if I didn’t know much else about LSG, I would think the same too…

So, to the news outlets and reporters – Please stop using these terms in front of LSG’s name when you write about him.  I know it’s typical korean culture to label stars early on… the uhm-chin-ahs, the hallyu stars, the beastly idols, the clowns, etc.  But please tone it down.  Don’t want haters and antis coming out, especially with LSG being all over the news again with A-listers Shin MinAh on one side and Kim Yuna on the other! :)

2 Responses

  1. jkimj, LOL at your comment :)) When I said to my friend that I was afraid people may hate Seunggi cause he’s too popular, she laughed and said “only Seunggi fans are worried about that” That’s a “luxurious” fear >_<

    Yes, but I understand how you feel. But I'm afraid that we can't stop that cuz he deserves his popularity and the press won't let this chance go away :D

  2. why is it that I feel like I’m reading a scene in a love story novel? lol, just kidding.

    It would have been great if that’s the beginning of them being close and end up being together? Oh! I think I was thinking much. That’s a little far from happening because LSG might prefer someone else and so with Yuna. But who knows?

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