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Kim Yuna-Lee SeungGi, Um hello (BTS cf filming, pt1)

Part 1 of 3 of the “Princess and Prince Meet” MKnews article series.
(English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com)

Part 1: Kim Yuna – Lee SeungGi.  “Um, um… hello.”

“Um, um… hello.” These first words uttered by the princess to the prince at their first meeting was not necessarily anything special but definitely atypical.  Perhaps it’s because you’ve never seen Figure Queen Kim Yuna showing any nervousness.  Having not shown any hint of nerves throughout the entire 2010 Vancouver Olympics, her slight nervousness upon first meeting Lee Seung Gi was a completly different demeanor from what we see of her typically.

These two indivdiuals met for the first time at a studio last May to film a video to cheer on the 2010 World Cup soccer team for KB Bank and SBS. The CF concept was to have the two give hope and suppport to the soccer team by singing in one voice.  Using Lee SeungGi’s original song “Smile Boy” as the campaign song, they recorded two versions of the song: a bright and cheerful rhythm acoustic version and a more powerful sounding rock version.

However, because of the very busy schedules of both stars, it was difficult to find a good time for both of them to meet to record the song.  Therefore, they had to give up on the idea of the two getting together to record the duet, and actually recorded their parts individually at separate studios.  This was the same for the music video part of the CF.  Because it was hard to find matching times in their schedules, the two separately recorded their scenes and then the footage was edited together.

Because of the individual recordings, the staff had to work extra hard to make sure that the chemistry between the two could be shown, like in the way they looked at each other or high fived each other.  A KB Bank representative said, “Because both of them have such busy schedules, it was very difficult to find just one day in which the two would both be free for an extended amount of time.  Plus, it was a really tight schedule with the start of the World Cup quickly approaching and having to do all the editing.”

(via MK news, Part 1;  English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com)

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Also, re: Yuna’s expression in the second photo… She was on Kang HoDong’s Knee Cap Guru talk show yesterday and she mentioned that when she’s not laughing or smiling, she’s been told that her regular facial expression tends to have a more cold feel to it.  To which of course HoDong asked her to show what she means by this and she did.  And it’s true.  She’s not upset or being cold, but she was saying that the way her face is structured just lends itself to that type of natural expression. :)

4 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for translate the article.
    Just like every girl who had met LSG, they’re all nervous. (such as Go EunAh from first Edwin shooting and actress from SH ep 25)
    Can wait to read the 2&3 part
    Ann Fighting!!!! :)

  2. thanks for the translation. I’m anticipating for the 2nd and 3rd part, haha.

    I’m sure both of them were a bit nervous and awkward during their first meeting.

  3. thanks for the translation
    They are really cuteeeeeeeeeee together ! :D

  4. Ann,thank so much for the translation :)

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