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For Yuna, Park Ji Sung and for SeungGi, Lee Chung Yong (BTS cf filming, pt3)

Part 3 of 3 of the “Princess and Prince Meet” MKnews article series.
(English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com)

Part 3: For Yuna it’s ‘Park Ji Sung’ and for SeungGi it’s ‘Lee Chung Yong’

Actually, the meeting of the two was sort of dramatic.  Even a KB Bank representative remarked, “Just Kim Yuna and Lee SeungGi meeting was like a dream.  I’m very happy to see this day come.”  Even though the two persons’ names have appeared in the news together a lot, this was the first time they were meeting in person.

The CF staffers put in a lot of effort to maximize this time together and make it meaningful.  A special board was used to take into account Lee Seung Gi’s 182 cm height compared to the 20 cm shorter Kim Yuna (164 cm) and a lot of [detailed effort was put forth to emphasize a cheering atmosphere].  A CF staffer said, “Because we didn’t think that this opportunity would actualy be possible, we developed several different scenarios in order to create the best CF possible” and added “You’ll probably be able to see it in the printed materials but the video clips will include a lot of fun things.”

On this day, the two persons passed around the soccer ball.  There was an instance where Lee Seung Gi dribbled the soccer ball and passed it to Kim Yuna, and even though they didn’t necessarily have any ties to soccer, the two persons came off well matched then one would have thought.  The two also revealed the Korean national soccer team players they were personally rooting for.  First of all, Kim Yuna mentioned team captain Park Ji Sung and said, “receiving athlete Park’s ‘fighting’ hand-written cheer message during the Vancouver Olympics sticks out in my mind.”  Then, Lee Seung Gi mentioned athlete Lee Chung Yong and said, “I was actually surprised when I read that Lee Chung Yong mentioned me as the celebrity/entertainer that he likes the most.  And I later found out that we lived in the same neighborhood when we were young.”

Meanwhile, it is planned that the CF filmed by the two persons on this day will be shown in different versions throughout the World Cup.  The acoustic and rock versions of the “Smile Boy” arrangement will serve as the foundation for the videos that will be released.

(via MK news Part 3; English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com)

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So looks like there’s going to be another rock version of the song and also maybe another version of the CF to match?  Can’t wait to see that!  And according to the online music site screen shot posted on DClsg, the LSG-KYA duet single should be offiically out on June 1st.  It says:

Single: Lee Seung Gi (duet with Kim Yuna) [Smile Boy]  2010.06.01

Not sure yet if the “single” is the same 40 second acoustic version shown in the recent CF or the rock version of the duet, or maybe even a full length version of the song sung as a duet… will have to wait and see!

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  1. I keep picturing yoona taking this roles of kim yuna…but the effect will be lesser I think…

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