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SeungGi and Yuna’s World Cup CF video is out!!!!

LSG fans have been majorly anticipating 2 things for a while…female casting for
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and SeungGi and Yuna coming together (for real, not via composite photos!) for a KB Bank CF.  And fans got both today!

Earlier, it was announced that Shin Min Ah would play SeungGi gumiho girlfriend and now the much speculated about LSG-KYA World Cup campaign CF is finally out…

(cr: leeseunggi01)

Looks like there was some composite photo stuff going on again (!) but they actually filmed together at the end.  Seeing Korea’s beloved uhm-chin-ahs Lee SeungGi and Kim Yuna singing LSG’s original song Smile Boy while cheering on Korea’s soccer team is simply perfect!

This CF concept is so fresh, heartwarming and unique compared to the other World Cup CFs that have come out of people wearing red and cheering!  KB Bank marketing ppl are seriously amazing!  Let’s get excited everyone!

Korea’s Soccer World Cup Team~ Fighting!!!!

See more about SeungGi-Yuna’s first meeting on the set of the CF:

Behind the Scenes photos from the CF filming…

(cr: Twitter; DClsg)

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And because one can never get enough of KYA’s skating or LSG’s laughter…

Yuna’s skate program set to SeungGi’s song “Smile Boy”

(cr: koolbjeongshin)

Fanamde MV of LSG cuts from 1n2d set to “Smile Boy”

(cr: leeseunggi01)

5 Responses

  1. why is seunggi oppa so perfect??!! wahhhh :)

  2. this song should be the main cheering sound for the korean world cup campaign…I think its the most suitable…the other song…sorry to say this…is like something thats been put up straight away from their old music archive..

  3. I am so loving this CF and song!!!! expect the cf to get a lot of love… it’s so different and touching compared to the other world cup ones. but only will be broadcast on SBS…

    Digital release expected on June 4th. curious to see if it’ll be just the same 40 second CF song or maybe a longer version?

    also, expecting KB Bank to eventually put out CF making and BTS video and photos…

    like i said, i’d be jealous but both of LSG’s women of the moment – kim yuna and shin minah – makes it hard to be a hater! :)

  4. finally! the long wait is over, and it’s worth it! I’ve been playing the song endlessly haha!

    It would have been great if we could see them singing this song together live but it’s far from happening. KYA rarely appears on variety show.

  5. hi! a lot of news now about their fisrt meet ,please kindly translet it..its so funny coz one of them said ah ah anyong haseyo..thanks

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