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MC SeungGi’s Strong Heart fashion

(cr: As labeled)

Fan-made montage of all the Strong Heart intros.  And since I’m a bit obsessed with fashion in general, I’m always sooooo fascinated by LSG’s outfits, or let’s say, what LSG’s codi has decided to outfit him in…

For Strong Heart, LSG’s pretty much stayed true to his well-mannered, upstanding, uhm-chin-ah rep image with the crisp collared shirts and simple fitted cardigans…

But over time, looks like LSG’s codi’s been willing to take more risks…

Like, the omg, Yoona is coming on Strong Heart again and I’m not sure what to wear so I’ll just wear some crazy lame outfit which will test whether she really likes me even when I look lame look…

Or, the I just recovered from swine-flu, don’t you feel bad for me, fuzzy warm wool sweater winter look…

The I’m ready to battle it out with Taec for fangirls (and Yoona), black-gold metal, warrior sparta look…

The people said I need to wear more fitted clothes to show off my muscles and worked out body, so my Codi put me in a non-breatheable shirt and leather vest look…

The for once in my life my codi decided to dress me in an outfit that my fans really like and I really like and is very me, laid back t-shirt and military design jacket look…

The I was forced to wear this total-Edwin outfit so my fans won’t hate Edwin for screwing up and cancelling my last fan signing due to the crazy crowds look…

The omg I was so nervous about meeting my sunbae Rain that I couldn’t decide what to wear and changed so many times that I didn’t even realize that my codi put me in some patched up shirt in the end look…

And most recently, the I so loved my last 1n2d trip out in the rural parts of Korea that I decided to wear one of the ajumma shirts I picked up there under my very stylish jean blazer and scarf look…

(screen caps: DClsg)

But in the end, despite fans’ love-hate relationship with LSG’s codi and his outfits, there’s no denying SeungGi’s charm/aegyo as Strong Heart MC…

So back to the Strong Heart outfits —
So what do you guys think?  Favorite?  Least fave?

MY FAVES = 3, 5, 13, 15 (can’t help but to love the clean, preppy look!)

WORST = 4 (omg, what the heck was going on here?!)

10 Responses

  1. hahhahahahahha!!!

  2. puahhahhhhh!

    love 15. and loved the girl from famous princesses on that episode. they were so cute together. and i think yoona likes seunggi more than seunggi liking yoona. later on he said ideal types change.

  3. i love the comments under the pictures.
    btw,i like 2,5,12,and the yellow vest.

  4. oh,i made a mistake.
    not 2,i was 1.
    i love the blue one.so charming and it looked great especailly on sueng gi

  5. 1,2,5,13,15, and… yellow vest is the best!!!
    actually, i prefer to see him wearing t-shirt, jeans and jacket than shirt-cardigan…
    he’s 23 years old btw!
    i think the latest edwin outfit (if i’m not mistaken it’s spring collection) will be great for him!

  6. hehehe.. nice comments on before the picture… I like him best on the 1st episode outfit (blue) Blue looks great in him & kind of formal too & 15th picture is really cool for him,those were the appropriate for his age.How i wished codi will dress him more often on his outfit..

  7. Hate 4, 14 and 17 the most, don’t understand why the cody could find it hard to dress Seunggi, Luckily, he’s cute to compensate :))
    the rest is quite ok (some are more and some are less) …

  8. i love everythin bout lsg!!!

  9. 4th is absolutely the worst!

  10. i love the yellow vest most too ^^

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