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School-uniform SeungGi vs. Graduate-school SeungGi

Seems like fans can’t get enough of school-uniform SeungGi from the recent 1n2d.  Major photospam of 1n2d screen captures, and fan photos and fancam of SeungGi sitting in on a graduate school class…

School Uniform SeungGi

The other 1n2d guys look great in school uniform too!  Even Hodong!!! :)

Karaoke singing contest on the bus…

Getting directions about the mission for the day…

(screen cap credits: DClsg; As labeled; naver blog)

See more school-uniform SeungGi screen caps at 승기린’s pppkkkj naver blog.

See video and fancams of SeungGi from the last 1n2d episode:

Graduate School SeungGi

And SeungGi is still living up to his model student rep!  After graduating from Dongguk University, he said that he was going to start the grad school program there.  And even despite his crazy schedule, fans reported seeing him regularly attending classes!  Back in March, fan photos showed a diligent SeungGi in the classroom, but the press picked up on it more recently with all the graduations coming up, of course talking about LSG as a total uhm-chin-ah!

(Credit: 선우환~ @leeseungki cafe; leeseunggiworld.wordpress.com)

Back in March, LSGfan Blog posted the photos and fancam of LSG in class.  See the awesome 1 minute fancam youku video clip HERE.  There were longer fancam versions but those seemed a bit too much.

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4 Responses

  1. I luv school uniform seunggi!!!! he looks soooooo cute!!! but i luv seeing him as graduate school student too! luv that he’s a good student! he’s perfect!

  2. do you know the title song sung by mc mong in that bus karaoke?

  3. do you know the title back song when kim c say goodbye in the 1n2d eps? please tell me…thanks before.

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