Casting finalized for Kdrama Gumiho… OMG!!!

*** UPDATED with photos and tidbits ***


Actress Shin Min Ah will be joining Lee Seung Gi in the upcoming SBS Wednesday, Thursday drama “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.” It has been three years since her last tv drama. A representative with the drama spoke to Star News on the 26th and said,” Shin Min Ah was recently finalized as the lead actress.” (via Star News)

I love Shin Min Ah and can’t believe that she’s joining the drama!  I’m so excited!  Someone had posted on DClsg yesterday that there was a rumor that Shin Min Ah would be the female lead but no one believed it b/c there had been so many untrue rumors up to this point… and the post was eventually deleted.  Hmmmm, someone definitely had the inside track early on!  omg, SeungGi probably can’t believe that he’s going to be acting alongside Shin Min Ah… she is absolutely gorgoeus!

Lee Seung Gi~  Shin Min Ah~~ Fighting!!!!

This is real this time! The news has been confirmed by various news outlets!

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Strong Heart, TV Ratings (May 25, 2010): SNSD HyoYun, After School Gahee


MC SeungGi’s Strong Heart fashion

(cr: As labeled)

Fan-made montage of all the Strong Heart intros.  And since I’m a bit obsessed with fashion in general, I’m always sooooo fascinated by LSG’s outfits, or let’s say, what LSG’s codi has decided to outfit him in…

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School-uniform SeungGi vs. Graduate-school SeungGi

Seems like fans can’t get enough of school-uniform SeungGi from the recent 1n2d.  Major photospam of 1n2d screen captures, and fan photos and fancam of SeungGi sitting in on a graduate school class…