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SeungGi styled like a prince, Korea Life Awards (5/14)

Back on May 14, SeungGi performed at two back-to-back closed events, meaning not open to fans or the general public.  The first one in the afternoon was at the Korea Life Awards at the Coex Convention Hall; maybe affiliated with KB Bank?  Per fan accounts, the event was pretty exclusive and fans who showed up were not allowed in!  Only one or two photos had surfaced at the time, but someone who was in the inside recently posted a bunch of high quality shots, and SeungGi really looks like a true prince charming…

(cr: Naver blog)

Here’s what she wrote on her Naver photoblog post:

The model image of Lee Seung Gi you see on tv has been basically that of a younger brother image~  At a recent company event, I was hoping to get a picture with SeungGi… Although I didn’t get a picture together, and didn’t get his signature either, I got to see SeungGi really close up~ And hee is totally handsome and precious~ very tall and lean, small face, and totally like a celebrity.

Before this, these two below photos were the only ones fans had seen so the outfit at first glance was a bit worrisome!!  :)  But seeing the awesome photos of LSG performing on stage in the entire outfit, he really looks like a prince!

And there were also these photos!  The bouncers (!) at the door at least lettting fans peek in…

(cr: DClsg; As labeled)

Fancam – Ment
LSG: Most of you guys are probably already married… [screaming]. Some of you may know that last year while doing the drama Brilliant Legacy… by any chance, do you all know the song Will you marry me? I’ll ask the dancers to come out now.

Fancam – Like the First Time
That backup dancer girl gets to dance with SeungGi all the time. Is that fair?!

Later that evening on the same day, LSG had another closed event performance for the Samsung Life Awards at the SongDo Convention Hall.  And some fans actually made it inside and got to see Prince SeungGi in action…

The photos below aren’t great quality but I like the atmosphere feel of them…

(cr: DClsg; yoong1)

Fan account excerpt:

I wanted to go to both events but decided on the Coex one.  To my professor, sorry for skipping class!  I was running late but my friend who had already gotten there said that SeungGi oppa hadn’t arrived yet.  But the trains and buses were running so late that by the time I got there, oppa had left!  Boo hoo hoo.  And the others there told me they got to see him.

So I was debating whether to go to the evening event… I couldn’t give up here!!!!!  So me and my friend went and there we met up with some other fans there.  At first, we couldn’t get in, but then they let us stand in the back.  The people there were all dressed in professional attire and since we were in casual clothes, I was scared that it would be obvious that we were fans!  So we just stood quietly in the back.

There was a gagman comedian MC.  Actress Kim Hae Soo came out too to say something.  And then finally our star SeungGi oppa come out!  But as people got up and moved toward the stage, we did too. Oppa said that he recently got a health check up and he’s in good shape and that he also signed up for life insurance.  He sang You’re my woman, Will you marry me, One more time, Let’s go on vacation.

(cr: DClsg; Eng subs: LSGfan)

Fancam – Intro and Because you’re my woman

Fancam – Ment and Will you marry me, 1

Fancam – Will you marry me, 2

Fancam – One more time

(video credits: leeseunggi01; DClsg)

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  1. My prince ^ ^ LOVE U

  2. hi! prince seung gi is no.1 cf model in month of april.

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