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Lee SeungGi and Kim Yuna have finally met? BTS photo

*** UPDATE 4 – LSG-KYA World Cup song and CF still not released

*** UPDATE 3 – see more BTS photo of LSG-KYA

*** UPDATE 2 – SBS may jointly use LSG-KYA KB Bank song/ad

*** UPDATE 1 – statement from Hook Entertainment

(original post, 5/15/10)

Having received much love through the KB Bank CF aired during the olympics, fans have been waiting for SeungGi and Yuna to finally meet up in person.  This Behind-the-Scenes photo from what looks to be KB Bank’s World Cup campaign ad was just posted on DClsg.  Looks like SeungGi and Yuna really met this time around…

Or does that look like a life-size cut out of KYA?!  Doesn’t seem to be a photo composite shot since there’s no green screen?! :)

A regular DClsger just posted the photo, but no details were attached to the photo and no original source was identified.  Surprised this has surfaced as it was revealed that they have been trying to keep everything top secret until the 24th.

The BTS photo post has been deleted.  Fortunately, we got to it beforehand!  I thought it was weird that a BTS photo had already surfaced as KB Bank was taking extra precaution to keep things under wraps until the final reveal on May 24th.


LSG’s management, Hook Entertainment, said “Recently Kim Yuna and Lee Seung Gi recorded a CM song to be used for a KB Bank CF that’s to be broadcast during the World Cup.  They each recorded their parts separately and the CM song is about 40 seconds long.” (via Chosun).

They haven’t stated anything about the CF yet, but if this BTS photo is real and not composite photos, then most likely, LSG and KYA have met up and already filmed the CF together…


ok, I just want to know if we can have LSG be involved in some CF, drama, or variety show with another female celeb without it resulting in some unnecessary back and forth between the different company reps and the press!  Per Star News, an SBS rep told them that they plan to use LSG-KYA’s worldcup campaign song.  However, the official world cup song for SBS is Kara’s We’re with You, which some of you may know has led KBS to ban Kara’s song from their station!

And thus, a KB Bank rep has responded by stating that nothing about SBS using their KB Bank World Cup campaign ad song has been decided yet, and that a decision will be made about this on the 19th.  If KB Bank decides to let SBS use their song, it is very possible that fans may not get to see LSG-KYA’s world cup song and ad on KBS!  :(


Proof that first BTS photo was real and that LSG and KYA did meet up and probably filmed a CF ad together… More BTS photos up on DClsg; expect them to get deleted soon! ha ha ha.  SeungGi looks mezmorized by KYA… who wouldn’t be? :)

I think we can assume that there will definitely be a CF to go along with the 40 second CM song!  Nation’s younger brother LSG and nation’s younger sister KYA, the two top CF models currently in Korea… in a World Cup campaign CF together for KB Bank!  Can’t wait till next Monday!  btw, liking LSG’s James Dean shirt; not sure what that photo’s about…


What happened?  KB Bank told news outlets that it would release the very much anticipated LSG-KYA World Cup campaign CF song on May 24th and yet it’s 11pm in Korea and still no news.  So unless, something’s happening in the next hour, I guess we’ll have to wait yet again…  The to-be-released CF song is supposedly listed on online music portal sites Monkey3 and Cyworldwith the date of June 3.

Lee SeungGi and Kim Yuna~~ Fighting!!!!!

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8 Responses

  1. It looks like it’s real this time. I can see both of their shadows. If it’s for KB cf, then there’s no reason for them to be using another composite photos. Like Lee Seung gi, Kim Yuna is also a commercial model of the bank so it’s just part of her obligation as a model to shoot for a CF.

  2. I hope this is a recent photo coz’ his hair do look good.

  3. I just saw in gall.dcinside, Dose LSG’s new song postpone till 3 June
    Can anyone confirm that?

  4. I just hope the new KB cf will be released soon. I’ve been anticipating it for so long.

  5. what’s taking them so long? the cf itself has been building a lot of anticipation already.

    • according to some fan posts, they’re expecting the CF song to drop today! we’ll see… i don’t know if fans can handle 2 very anticipated news bits in one day! :)

  6. okay supposedly the CF is going to air on SBS at 8:50pm following their sports news on SBS… in about 40 minutes, we should may be able to see it!

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