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MC Mong tweets his love for the 1n2d guys

*** UPDATED with Behind-the-Scenes photos

(original post, 5/22/10)

1n2d filming must have gone to some totally remote place this past weekend.  Unlike last time’s filming, no fancams,  no BTS photos, and not even any MC Mong tweets and twitpics!  The PDs must of cracked down and made Mong put away his mobile this time.  But Mong sent out this very sweet Mong-like tweet right after filming… 

MC Mong’s Tweet, On Friday 21st May 2010, @monkeyfunch said:

I wanted to twitter so badly that I thought I was going to die.  It was a wilderness in which phones weren’t working!  Just finished 1n2d filming and am on my way back to Seoul.  I’m in a good mood since I got to see a great area and eat great food.  But the real best part… to be together with these great guys makes it even better.  Like at today’s final closing ment, screaming out 1 Night 2 Days Variety Jeongshin.

How can anyone not love MC Mong?!  Love these guys.  Hearing about KimC leaving the show was a total shock but makes you realize that there will come a day (hopefully not anytime in the near future) when the other guys may have to leave as well…
even SeungGi :(

(screen cap cr: DClsg)

*** UPDATED with Behind-the-Scenes photos

omg, Mong wasn’t joking when he said they were filming in wilderness! 
Place looks totally remote!  Comment posted with the photos:

I was eating nearby with the grandmas and after the filming, SeungGi came by and said, “Mothers, we ate very well” as he was leaving.  Even the way he talks is so well-mannered and sweet.

(cr: DClsg)

2 Responses

  1. Since last week when we saw all the pic and Kim C “say good bye” on his Tweet we didn’t expect him to really “say Good bye”
    Now every time I read the word ” Final , Last or Good bye” in article about 1N2D, my heart dropped.

    I am so scare that they will come to the end ……….(I hope not)
    So when I read Mong Tweet “final closing ment”, my heart dropped again……..nothing should happen right?

  2. h! some new picture now at dclsg ,yesterday’ s 1n2d shoot..a little bit sad coz kim C was not there.

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