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Kim Yuna drinks SeungGi-endorsed water too?

Those water bottles at the bottom of the photo should look familiar to LSG fans… Looks like Yuna drinks Pyeongchang Su water just like our SeungGi!

Beloved by all of Korea, SeungGi and Yuna appeared together in KB Bank print ads, filmed a KB Bank CF together, and have been marketed together in Samsung college career forum flyers and Samsung print ads

Yet, they still haven’t met in person!  LSG and KYA have only met through composite photographs!  That is, until last week when they actually met for the first time in person to film what looks to be a new KB Bank CF together.

Recently, SeungGi was chosen as the #1 male star that people want to remain single forever (ha ha ha ha).  And as LSG fans don’t ever want him to ever date, if he absolutely HAD to, Yuna’s probably the only girl that would get a pass!

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4 Responses

  1. the water should be provided by the organizer…keke… or the company is sponsoring the drinks for all the press conference…. i saw another KBS news where KYA and a few other sportsmen/women had a press conference about 1-2weeks ago… i’m not too sure what was it about but during that time, LSGi endorsed water was also on the table…. it was very obvious…can see SGi face on the water bottle…. haha

    • I think this pic was taken when Yuna participated in setting up PyungChang Winter Olympic games athlete committee.

  2. Supposedly the Pyong Chang su waters have been popular in korea and it was only introduced at the start of this year with LSG as its first model… and sales have been really good!!!!

    With LSG’s face smiling back at you from the bottle, how can anyone not want to buy one?! :)

    and can i just say… yuna looks absolutely stunning in the photo! love her!

  3. I just wish that she also thought of lee seung gi when she was drinking the water and saw his face on it. haha

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