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Lee SeungGi and his Samsung CF BFFs

New Samsung newspaper print ad for the electronics/appliances division.  Being the biggest company in Korea, Samsung has some super smart people running their marketing division that really match up celebs and products perfectly!

Per earlier post, Korean stars cheer for World Cup team via CFs, seems LSG, KYA, and Park Ji Sung also are connected through Kolon Industry.  And even as an LSG fan, I have to admit, LSG himself is probably amazed at being paired with some of Korea’s top stars!  :) Check out each of their Samsung pages:

Samsung brought some of their other CF models together for 40th anniversary ads too…including Jang Geun Suk and Yoon Eun Hye.  Was kind of sad to see YEH no longer with Samsung; she was the face of Zipel before LSG came on and their one kimchi fridge CF together got so much love!

And SeungGi’s first Samsung print ad for Zipel Assak kimchi fridge…

Brilliant marketing strategy in which SeungGi’s CF has him singing about his mom making him kimchi… After seeing LSG’s sweet face eating kimchi, it made all the money-spending-Oprah-demographic-target-mom-consumers go out and buy these kimchi fridges!

Then, in an even smarter move, Samsung signed up LSG for the entire Zipel kitchen furniture line, making him pretty much the first guy to be endorsing kitchenware, and at that, at 23 years old!  And of course it was a hit.  Even in a more guys-rarely-ever-cook-culture like Korea, Samsung realized women find it hot to see guys in the kitchen, particularly cooking!  And so nation’s younger brother became more nation’s boyfriend for the Zipel Massimo Zucchi line…

(photo credits: Samsung)

See more of Zipel Massimo Zucchi SeungGi:

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  1. among those anniversary ads, i just noticed that lee seung gi and kim yuna’s picture are always together.

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